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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Charlotte ChurchDream A Dream(美夢天使)Dream A Dream(夢境漫遊)

Charlotte Church


Charlotte Church

Dream A Dream(夢境漫遊)

Vocal:Charlotte Church/Billy Gilman

When the night is still
And the sea is calm
Lonely shadow, you call upon me

Lay by my side
Fear not tonight
Lonely shadow, you'll find a new light

Dream a dream
And see through angels eyes
A place where we can fly away

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Ride with me upon a shining star,
Above the moonlit sky
We will find Elysium

Hear the nightingale
Sing a lullaby
Lonely shadow, you'll find a new light

Dawn will be kind,
All will be bright,
Lonely shadow, rise from the darkness

Dream a dream, etc.


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