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Papa Roach


Papa Roach

White Light

White light hovered over the patients room
As he stares blank into space
He knows he should be dying soon
White light take away the pain
White light take away the pain

So his family...sits around his hospital bed
Hopes for the best
But he could care less, because his family never gave a fuck about him
So I told him, fuck family
Maybe your family is just your friends
Maybe your family is just yourself
When you been...down there, the only way is up

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So I'd like to dedicate this song to this pretty girl right here with the blonde hair
I'd like to see you smile
So he sat me down one day
and told me these words
He told me these words
and these words I give to you
and this is energy
and we all want it
so thank you
you know what he told me?
He told me...(last resort)


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