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I Am Music

Verse 1(timbaland):
I'll be with you on your way to work
When your car turns on you'll probably hear me
You cant run youll come without me
Wanna deal cost you a hundred g
I am...i am

Chorus 1(beck):
Cause i am music
I'm melodies and harmonies
Stereo and mono
I'm the radio, the radio
I said i am the music
I'm simply your beats
Tempos and drumrolls
I'm in the radio the radio

Verse 2(static):
I'll meet you at a summer jam
I'm with you p.m. or a.m.
I work out with you when youre at the gym
And when you clean the house i'll be in the den
Cause i am...........

Chorus 2(beck):
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo song
I said i am the music
Simply your beats
Tempos, drumrolls, song

Verse 3(aaliyah):
You may find me at a shopping mall
Im not buying but i'll be for sale
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Ill be your theme in one of your talent shows
You might even hear me at a resturaunt
Cause i am..............

Chorus 3(beck):
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo song
Said i am music
Simply your beats
Tempos, drumrolls, song

Yes i am
Heeey, heeey
Your music
Cause all i aam
Heeeey, i am
Sweet music
Heeey, aaay
Heey aayy aaaay

Chorus 4(beck):
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo song
I said i am music
Simply your beats
Tempos, drumrolls, song

Music fade out.............


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