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Craig David


Craig David

Walking Away (Remix)

Craig David F/ Trell
Ignorants, Craig David, We back

Oooh wooooh woooh, yeah c'mon
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[Verse one]
Girl you were my everything but you wouldn't realize
That your friends were sittin talking bout me
Filling up your head with lies
And for all the things I've done for you
Only was a pretty size
And when you touching to the understanding that
I'm nothing like them other guys

Girl it's plain to see you are now meant to be
You were the best thing in my life, in my life yeah
Now it's time to go, sorry to tell you so
I'm tired of all the games.. that you play with me

I'm walking away
Why you blowing up my telephone?
It's the type of {bitch} you know that can't get down
Checking all the battle that I be giving you on, you crazy
I'm walking away
I'ma tell you how the story ends
Can you buy my car you can have your friends
And there's nothing that there's left to say, baby


[Verse two]
You're the only one in my life
You're the only one in my dreams
Don't let your friends get in between
And now we falling apart at the seams
It's never good to turn and walk away
When you're having troubles in your life
The reminds of the discussions
Is the only way to make it right



[Verse three]
I'm walking away, from all the troubles in my life
I'm walking away, girl cus you didn't treat me right
I'm walking away, to find somebody new
Somebody not like you
So don't {fuck} up at it too, cus, yeah baby


I don't care if you got pretty hair and nice clothes
And I ain't seen a pretty pair just like those
And your friends seam to think I'm dealing with any hoes
Cus I'm in the studio or doing to many shows, that's no
You out faster than that mood you in
I mean NO.. V.I.P just for you and a friend
I mean NO.. C.O.K no drop BM
I just kick it to the curb wit yo OTM
You can run up in the club that's if they lettin you in
Or I be in so many women so let the sweating begin
I make your friends think; I know what you're seeing in him
(He says it fatter then your father then you're seeing in gym)
We, hmmm, Craig David and recording and stir
How can you knock that young glad cultrepreneur
You betta {fuckin} think up some or I'm leaving wit her
Ignorants's production at the street-affair
And eeeh


Why you blowing up my telephone
I'm the typa brotha you know that I can get down

We out


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