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Pink Mountaintops


Pink Mountaintops

While we were Dreaming

While you lie on your back 當你肩扛上了謊
And move through the scars 並強行穿越恐懼時
So careful you are 你如此的小心翼翼
To surrender a thing 制伏了這件事

But Jesus ain't comin' 只是 聖主不會來
So don't waste your time 所以 不要再浪費時間
Not yours and not mine 浪費你的跟我的
You're only dreaming 你只是在作夢

And while you were scheming 而當你在使心計的時候
The silver the sheets 真銀的凋落
Far above the leaves 更勝秋葉
I snuck into your scene 我瞧見那一幕

Don't lie there, looking 別稱謊 聽著
Behind your troubled walls 在你的心牆後
Wicked as they are 頹圮的已頹圮
You're not deceiving 別被蒙騙了

And if I could find your heart 如果我能找出你的心
I would pull it from your chest 我會設法將它取出
And smash you with my fist 用一拳擊碎
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Til it was beating 直到它跳動

And if there's a hole inside 如果心裡有一個洞
Heaven in your bed 即使天堂在床邊
Coz the angel that you kissed 你摯愛的天使
Just left you bleeding 仍會因你而流血奔走

I know it ain't easy 我知道不容易
To keep roundin' on 一直持續不懈著
When the voices in your skull 當那些聲音在你腦海裡
Are always screaming 不斷的尖聲

Broke into your prison 破獄而出吧
And dropped the sleeping guards 逐出那些偷懶的士兵
Painted flowers on the bars 添些花在錦上
And snuck you out the yard 走出你的庭院

Paralysed and gleaming 靜止 並開一道縫
With visions of new states 讓新視野進來
We're wrapped in our embrace 在我們的信仰裡我們都狂熱
While we were dreaming 當我們做夢的時候

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