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Music Is My Radar

You really got me seeing you
Really got me done y'all
Music is my radar
Really topped my joy y'all
Really topped my radio
Really got me done y'all
Dealing I'll be seeing you
Really got my beats now, on my ear now...
Aah don't stop me now, (repeat 7 times)
Really got me changing from my bill from job
Into a new life, oh you really got
Really got me singing elsewhere, oh my girl
Really got me dancin', dancin' in my head now baby
Tony Allen dancing
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Tony Allen dancing
Tony Allen gets what a boy can do
Really got me dancin'
He really got me dancin'
But I don't give my soul
All ya'll need and yeah don't give a soul
You really got me driftin'
You really got me dancin'
You really got me dancin' in my head
Aah don't stop me now, (repeat 7 times)
Aah don't stop me now (You really got me dancin') (Repeat to fade)


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