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Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - Live Album Version

I can't understand
She let go of my hand
An' left me here facing the wall
I'd sure like t' know
Why she did go
But I can't get close t' her at all
Though we kissed through the wild blazing nighttime
She said she would never forget
But now mornin's clear
It's like I ain't here
She just acts like we never have met

It's all new t' me
Like some mystery
It could even be like a myth
Yet it's hard t' think on
That she's the same one
That last night I was with
From darkness, dreams're deserted
Am I still dreamin' yet?
I wish she'd unlock
Her voice once an' talk

'Stead of acting like we never have met

If she ain't feelin' well
Then why don't she tell
'Stead of turnin' her back t' my face?
Without any doubt
She seems too far out
For me t' return t' her chase
Though her skirt it swayed as a guitar played
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Her mouth was watery and wet
But now something has changed

For she ain't the same
She just acts like we never have met

If I didn't have t' guess
I'd gladly confess
T' anything I might've tried
If I was with 'er too long
Or have done something wrong
I wish she'd tell me what it is, I'll run an' hide
Trhough the night ran swirling an' whirling
I rememberin' her whispering yet

But evidently she don't
An' evidently she won't
She just acts like we never have met

I'm leavin' today
I'll be on my way
Of this I can't say very much
But if you want me to
I can be just like you
An' pretend that we never have touched
An' if anybody asks me
'Is it easy to forget?'
I'll say, 'It's easily done
You just pick anyone
An' pretend that you never have met!'


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