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Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan

The Lonesome River (with Ralph Stanley)

I sit here alone, on the banks of the river
The lonesome wind blows, and the water runs high.
I can hear a voice call, out there in the darkness
But I sit here alone, too lonesome to cry.

For the water rolls high, on the river at midnight.
I sit on the shore, to grieve and to cry.
The woman I love, she left me this morning.
With no one to love or kiss me goodnight.

We met there one night, on the banks of the river.
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Sat there holding hands, and bathe in our vow.
That we never would part, and be happy together.
But a new love she's found, she's gone from me now.

Ah the water rolls high, on the river at midnight.
I sit on the shore, to grieve and to cry.
The woman I love, she left me this morning,
With noone to love or kiss me goodnight.


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