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Joan Baez


Joan Baez

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (Remastered)

Babe, i'm gonna leave you
Tell you when i'm gonna leave you
leave you when ol'summer time,
summer comes a-rolling
leave you when ol'summer comes along
Babe, the highway is a-callin'
the old highway's a-callin'
callin'me to travel on, travel on out the Westward
callin'me to travel on alone
Babe, I'd like to stay here
you know I'd really like to stay here
my feet start goin'down, goin'down the highway
my feet start goin'down, goin'down alone
Babe, I got to ramble
You know I got to ramble
My feet start goin'down and I got to follow
my feet start goin'down, and I got to go


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