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Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson

What's It Gonna Be?!

[Busta Rhymes:]
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson
Here we go
One time

Baby, just tell me just how you feel
We livin' it and just givin' it to you for real
Baby, c'mon
Every time, we crossin' the borderline
We givin' it to you, makin' you feel fine
Turn the heat up
Better believe we gonna shine
Make your body wind
Baby, the pleasure is all mine
To my people regulatin' the dance floor
Better step to your business, handle yours, how we do it
Makin' ou people just wanna bounce and get busy because
You know that we always will hit you off, what you say
You wonderin' why you feelin' the force
And don't you worry 'cause you'll be ready to floss
More heat 'cause I always will put you on
And blow the spot to the very second I'm gone
Get your groove on
Now that you tired, I hope your body recoupin'
Because we keeping you movin' that
What we doin' and you know we're gonna

[Chorus: Janet (Busta Rhymes)]
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet
(Make your body wet)
Gonna make, gonna make your body scream out yeah
(Make your body just scream out yeah, yeah)
Gonna make, gonna make you think them naughty things
(Make you think them naughty things)
Of me on you
(All me on you)
And you on me
What's it gonna be?!
(What's it gonna be?!)
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet
(Make your body wet, c'mon)
Gonna make, gonna make your body scream out yeah
(Make your body scream yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body cream
(Make your body cream)
Make you have wet dreams
(Make you have wet dreams)
What, what, what, what's it gonna be?!

[Busta Rhymes:]
All my people singing and waving your hands high
Hot shit, burnin' and makin' your ass fry
Baby, c'mon, give you the shit that'll make you quiver
While I deliver the shit that'll hit you right in your liver
Always sound scannin', we never leave you hangin'
I'm always doin' my thing and my music always be bangin'
So check it, you know we always be movin' the crowd
Type of feelin' that make you wanna go play it loud
What up?
When---we---come---and hit you
Best believe we really gonna get you
No matter whatever you wanna flaunt
We be rippin' it baby, so what you want
Here we go
Pintin' a picture, we keep it hot in the winter
Now big up my people, you know I'm always with you
Flip Mode
We blowin' and takin' over the planet
Full blast, hittin' with Busta Rhymes and Janet
And you know we're gonna

[Busta Rhymes (Janet):]
We gonna make your body real wet (Wet)
We gonna make your body say yeah (Yeah)
I wanna know where my real dogs is at
I wanna know where my live women is at
We gonna make your body real wet (Wet)
We gonna make your body say yeah (Yeah)
Everybody wave your hands real high
And let me see you put 'em up in the sky
C'mon, makin' my niggaz just say 'ho'
Word up, and makin' you women just say 'ah'
Baby, c'mon, bringin' it to you in many ways
We makin' and takin' you people right through another phase
C'mon, we rockin' it, baby, that's how we droppin' it, baby
There ain't no stoppin' it, baby, I know we drivin' you crazy
And then we hit with the greatest of all time
No matter what you do, baby, we gonna shine
And you know we're gonna

[Chorus x3]

[Busta Rhymes (Janet):]
Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson
Flip Mode, baby, what
(Yeah, yeah)
What it's gonna be
What it's gonna be
What it's gonna be
What it's gonna be
What, what, what, what, what, what
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Close the door...


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