LAST TRAIN TO LONDON(倫敦夜車) 歌詞 羅百吉 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網
魔鏡歌詞網男生歌手羅百吉基因LAST TRAIN TO LONDON(倫敦夜車)





Oh oh oh [RAP]
li;,s the time the lasl;train toLondon
I love you so much so you know
How much I hate to say goodbye
It's a sad moment to say goodbye
Just you and me standing at the station
I'd really hate to leave you
But I can't be here with you now
Cuz it's the last train to London
It was one those nights
One those nights you feel the fires burning
Everybody was there
Everybody to share it was all right
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And you were on your own
Looking liKe you were the only one around
I had to he with you
Nothing else that I could do
I should have been away I knew I had to stay
***Last train to London
Just heading out
Last train to London
Just leavirg town
But I reallV want tonight to last forever
I really want to bewith you [break it up break it up now]
Let this music play around the light tonight
it was one those nights when the music stops turning
You were there,there was music up in the air
I should have been away,but I had to stay
I had to be with you,I had to be with You
It was the train to London
When we hit the starry skies
I was still but I was nearly memorized
I didn't realize that love was in your eyes
I nearly should of gone,but love went on and on


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