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Outer Space, Shuttles And Satellites

Where should I begin?
To tell you everything that I should
Should I start it with a summary?
And later on one truth and ten lies

Because simply because
I'll open up and closed down on you
That I start to believe that it seems
That it's okay to be so unkind
Right before you came along I didn't realize
There is so much for me to look out
Pacing back and forth between the shadows and lights
I can see the sun coming out finally

Did you see me cry?
And when you asked what's wrong I said nothing
I laughed too hard at the joke on TV
And that was how we ended the night

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How long has it been?
With all that bullshit I put you through
I don't even think you'll forgive all my sins
So should I keep them all to myself?

You are what you are someone that I don't deserve
It can no longer serve as a reminder
Dreaming bout outer space, shuttles and satellites
Take me far away
Someone far away from here

I'll pack my bag I'll go
I'll bear my own sorrow
It's easier when there's
No one left to blame
To turn the lights on and off on and off