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Can We Talk About It

Boy I know that something ain't right Between me and you
It's plan to see I haven't spent enough time just with you
Boy I feel so bad I wanna make it up to you can I do that baby?
Let's go somewhere quiet A candle like dinner for two

Can we talk about it Boy I know we can Work it all out
Just give us chance Can you think about I wanna spend the time
Make it all right Can we keep this love

Now baby slide And let me tell you how I feel
Never gonna let you down no more
You're the only one that I adore So baby let's chi;
See I got the feeling That everything gonna be alrite
Take my hand I'll lead the way Come on baby

I don't mind if we talk about it The only thing gonna make it right
Seems like the thing to do If you wanna keep everything real tight


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