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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 52 首歌 】
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The Secret of Love: Meditations for Attracting and Being In Love 英文
1.The Secret of Communion
2.The Secret of Surrender
3.Meditation For Attracting and Being In Love
Soul of Healing Affirmations 英文
5.X Factor
A Gift of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music In 英文
1.Desire (instrumental)
3.Precious Love
4.The Priveledged Lovers
5.The Alchemy of Love
6.Intoxicated by Love
7.The Awakening
9.Come to Me
10.The Lover's Passion
11.My Burning Heart
12.The Hunt
A Gift of Love - Music Inspired by the Love Poems of Rumi 英文
1.Love Drunk, No. 2: My Burning Heart
2.Lover from Another World, No. 23: I Am and I Am Not
3.Surrender to Love, No. 20: Lost in the Wilderness
4.Surrender to Love, No. 20: Surrender
5.The Lover's Passion, No. 17: Precious Love
6.The Lover's Passion, No. 17: The Privileged Lovers
7.The Light of Love, No. 15: Aroused Passion
8.A Lover's Madness, No. 9: The Awakening
9.A Lover's Madness, No. 9: The Alchemy of Love
10.Desire, No. 5: Desire
11.Desire, No. 5: Come to Me
12.Desire, No. 5: The Lover's Passion
13.Love Drunk, No. 2: Intoxicated by Love
14.In My Heart, No. 27: The Hunt
A Gift of Love - Music Inspired by the Love Poems of Rumi - Special Edition 英文
1.My Burning Heart
2.Lost In The Wilderness
4.Prescious Love
5.The Privileged Lovers
6.Aroused by Passion
7.The Awakening
8.The Alchemy Of Love
10.Come To Me
11.Intoxicated By Love
12.The Hunt
暫存 英文
2.Nothing Lasts Forever
3.The Secret of Love
4.The Secret of Attraction

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