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The Day Approaches 英文
1.The Day Approaches
2.Jesus Lord, I'm Captured By Thy Beauty
3.Come, Lord Jesus
4.My Will Is Weak
5.We Have Oil In Our Lamps
6.When I've Run the Race Before Me
Splendid Church Life! 英文
1.Splendid Church Life!
2.Dearest Lord, You've Called Us Here
3.Lord, You Are My Only Goal
4.Draw Me, Dear Lord
5.I've Given Up the World
Overcome! 英文
2.Will You Be an Overcomer?
3.Oh Lord Breathe Thy Spirit on Me
4.This Divine Power
5.Pursue Him and Know Him
6.Choose to Be a Living Overcomer
7.In This Godless Age
O Jesus Most Desired 英文
1.O Jesus Most Desired
2.We Have a Most Glorious King
3.I Love My Master
4.Abiding in the Vine
5.My Heart Longs
6.These Are They Who Follow the Lamb
7.Waters to Swim In
8.Make Me Wholly Thine
Love Unknown 英文
1.O Love that Will Not Let Me Go
2.Love Unknown
3.The Goal of the Gospel
4.Mary Poured Out Her Love Offering
5.Down In Babylon
6.I Come to Thee, Dear Lord
7.Father, Long Before Creation
Just as I Am 英文
1.I Want to Follow Him
2.Lord, I've Set My Heart
3.O Morning Star
Joy Unspeakable 英文
1.Oh, He's the Wonderful Spirit In Us
2.Gathered In Thy Name, Lord Jesus
3.Fallen, That's the Way We All Begin
4.We Will Sing to the Lord
5.To Jesus Every Day
6.We Have a Father
7.Be Thou My Vision
8.There Are Times
Into My Heart 英文
1.Into My Heart
2.What Things Were Gains to Me
3.O Sanctify Us, Lord
4.Though I Love You, Lord
5.I Am Not My Own
6.The Church as the House of Jehovah
7.What a Christ We Have
8.Sweet Will of God
9.Let Us Come Forward
I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord! 英文
1.For Her
2.In the Church of Jesus
3.We Love the Church Life!
4.God Hath Not Promised
5.Jesus Our Wonderful Shepherd
6.We Have an Inner Life
7.Sing Aloud Your Praises
8.This Is My Rest Forever
I Am the Lord's 英文
1.My Wandering Days
2.Just As I Am
3.Give Yourself to Love the Lord
4.Lord Jesus, You're Lovely
5.Take My Life and Let It Be
6.Lord, I Was Blind
7.Christ Has Come to Be Life
8.Recall How David Swore
How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place 英文
1.Where Is the House
2.Praise to the Lord, The Almighty
3.Jesus Lord, My Best Love Thou Art
4.Deeper, Deeper in the Cross of Jesus
5.We Have Seen Christ as Reality
6.Oh How Sweet It Is Just to Know My Christ
7.How Oft Believers Through the Years
9.Thy Dwelling Place O Lord I Love
10.God's Central Work and Purpose
11.How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place
12.No Mortal Tongue
How Firm a Foundation 英文
1.Through God's Word
2.I Have an Excuse
3.I Cannot Breathe Enough of Thee
Higher Ground 英文
1.Higher Ground
2.Lord, Now I See
3.There Is a Great Mystery
4.Praise the Lord, the God of Glory
5.Something Every Heart Is Loving
6.Todays Supply of Grace
7.Once It Was the Blessing
8.My Song Shall Be of Jesus
9.Mingle, Mingle, Hallelujah!
10.Nearer Each Day
11.It Passeth Knowledge
暫存 英文
1.Lord, Thou Art a Potter Skilled
2.I Know Your Works
3.O the Love That Sought Me
4.Are You Washed In the Blood of the Lamb?

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