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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Mike Bloomfield
Mike Bloomfield【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 62 首歌 】
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Michael Bloomfield 英文
1.Guitar King (提供)
2.Knockin' Myself Out (提供)
3.My Children, My Children (提供)
4.Women Lovin' Each Other (提供)
5.Sloppy Drunk (提供)
6.You Took My Money (提供)
7.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
8.The Gospel Truth (提供)
Count Talent and the Originals 英文
1.You're Changin' (提供)
2.Let the People Dance (提供)
3.I Need Your Loving (提供)
4.Bad Man (提供)
5.Saturday Night (提供)
6.Peach Tree Man (提供)
7.When I Need You (提供)
8.Sammy Knows How to Party (提供)
9.Love Walk (提供)
10.You Was Wrong (提供)
Analine 英文
1.Analine (提供)
2.Peepin' an A-Moanin' Blues (提供)
3.Mr. Johnson and Mr. Dunn (提供)
4.Frankie and Johnny (提供)
5.At the Cross (提供)
6.Big C Blues (提供)
7.Hilo Waltz (提供)
8.Effinonna Rag (提供)
9.Mood Indigo
If You Love These Blues, Play'em As You Please 英文
1.Blue Ghost Blues (提供)
2.The Train Is Gone (提供)
3.The Altar Song (提供)
4.Death In My Family (提供)
5.East Colorado Blues (提供)
6.Mama Lion (提供)
7.Thrift Shop Rag (提供)
8.Death Cell Rounder Blues (提供)
9.City Girl (提供)
10.Kansas City (提供)
11.Hey, Foreman (提供)
12.WDIA (提供)
13.If You Love These Blues (提供)
Try It Before You Buy It 英文
1.Let Them Talk (提供)
2.Midnight On the Radio (提供)
3.Your Friends (提供)
4.Tomorrow Night (提供)
5.Baby Come On (提供)
6.Shine On Love (提供)
7.When I Get Home (提供)
8.Try It Before You Buy It (提供)
9.Been Treated Wrong (提供)
10.When It All Comes Down (提供)
11.Lights Out (提供)
It's Not Killing Me 英文
1.The Ones I Loved Are Gone (提供)
2.Don't Think About It Baby (提供)
3.Goofers (提供)
4.Michael's Lament (提供)
5.Why Must My Baby (提供)
6.Good Old Guy
7.Far Too Many Nights (提供)
8.It's Not Killing Me (提供)
9.Next Time You See Me (提供)
10.If You See My Baby (提供)
11.For Anyone You Meet (提供)

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