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Fotheringay【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 69 首歌 】
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Nothing More The Collected 英文
1.Nothing More
2.The Sea (提供)
3.The Ballad Of Ned Kelly
4.Winter Winds
5.Peace In The End
6.The Way I Feel (提供)
7.The Pond And The Stream
8.Too Much Of Nothing
9.Banks Of The Nile
10.John The Gun
11.Eppic Moray (提供)
12.Wild Mountain Thyme
13.Knights Of The Road (提供)
14.Late November
16.Gypsy Davey
17.I Don't Believe You
18.Silver Threads And Golden Needles
19.Bold Jack Donahue
20.Two Weeks Last Summer
21.Bruton Town (提供)
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? 英文
1.The Sea (提供)
2.Two Weeks Last Summer
3.Late November
4.Gypsy Davey
5.Winter Winds
6.Nothing More
Sandy Denny 英文
1.Eppie Moray
2.Late November (Joe Boyd mix)
3.Gypsy Davey (Joe Boyd mix)
4.Bruton Town (band rehersal) (live)
5.The Banks of the Nile (live)
6.The Sea (live) (提供)
7.Winter Winds (take 1)
8.The Way I Feel (original version) (提供)
9.The Pond and the Stream (demo)
10.Wild Mountain Thyme
11.Two Weeks Last Summer (Joe Boyd mix)
Nothing More - The Collected Fotheringay 英文
1.The Way I Feel (Alternate Version)
2.Eppie Moray (Live / BBC Folk On One, London / 1970)
3.John the Gun (Live / BBC Sounds Of The 70's, London / 1970)
4.Bold Jack Donahue (Live / BBC Sounds Of The 70's, London / 1970)
5.Gypsy Davey (Live / BBC Sounds Of The 70's, London / 1970)
6.Wild Mountain Thyme (Live / BBC Sounds Of The 70's, London / 1970)
7.Bruton Town - 2015 Version
8.Winter Winds (Studio Demo)
9.The Pond and the Stream (Studio Demo)
10.The Lowlands of Holland (Live / BBC Folk On One, London / 1970)
11.Memphis Tennessee (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
12.Banks of the Nile (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
13.Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Alternate 2004 Version)
14.The Sea (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
15.Too Much of Nothing (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
16.Nothing More (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
17.Two Weeks Last Summer (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
18.The Ballad of Ned Kelly (Live In Rotterdam / 1970)
Fotheringay 英文
1.The Ballad of Ned Kelly
2.Peace in the End
3.The Way I Feel (提供)
4.Too Much of Nothing
5.Banks of the Nile
6.Two Last Weeks in Summer
7.Nothing More (live)
Fotheringay 2 英文
1.John the Gun
2.Silver Threads and Golden Needles
4.I Don't Believe You
5.Bold Jack Donahue
暫存 英文
1.Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution

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