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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Martin Garrix( 馬汀 蓋瑞克斯 )
Martin Garrix( 馬汀 蓋瑞克斯 )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 45 首歌 】
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Scared To Be Lonely Remixes Vol. 1 英文
1.Scared To Be Lonely (Brooks Remix)
2.Scared To Be Lonely (DubVision Remix)
3.Scared To Be Lonely (Zonderling Remix)
4.Scared To Be Lonely (Alpharock Remix)
5.Scared To Be Lonely (Funkin Matt Remix)
6.Scared To Be Lonely (Julien Earle Remix)
Seven 英文
1.WIEE (提供)
2.Sun Is Never Going Down
3.Spotless (提供)
4.Hold On & Believe
5.Welcome (提供)
7.Make Up Your Mind
Sun Is Never Going Down 英文
1.Sun Is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden)
Hold On & Believe 英文
1.Hold On & Believe (feat. The Federal Empire)
Don't Look Down (Single) 英文
1.Don't Look Down (feat. Usher)
Gold Skies (EP) 英文
1.Gold Skies
2.Proxy (提供)
3.Tremor (提供)
4.Wizard (提供)
5.Animals (提供)
Animals 英文
1.Animals (提供)
2.Animals (Botnek Edit) (提供)
3.Animals - Isaac Remix Edit
4.Animals - UK Radio Edit (提供)
5.Animals - Isaac Remix (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Break through the silence
2.Animals (promo only intro edit)
3.Gold Skies (DubVision remix)
4.- Tremor (Radio Edit) [3:13]
5.- Virus (How About Now) (Radio Edit) [3:18]
6.Animals (Oliver Heldens Remix) [04:09]
7.Virus (How About Now) (Radio Edit)
8.Virus (How About Now)
9.5uur38 Mix: Martin Garrix
11.Now That I've Found You - Radio Edit
12.Virus (How About Now) (Original Mix)
13.Don't Look Down
14.Don' Look Down (feat. Usher)
15.Dont Look Down (Ghost Remix)
16.Don't Look Down (Club Mix)
17.Scared To Be Lonely
18.Scared To Be Lonely (Medasin Remix)
19.Scared to Be Lonely (Acoustic Version)

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