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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Brandon Hixson
Brandon Hixson【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 55 首歌 】
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Unashamed 英文
1.Crossroads (Radio Edit)
2.A Love so Strong
3.Break the Silence (Live September 2013)
5.Break My Heart
6.If She Just Believed (Penny's Song)
7.Love Remains
8.Don't Give Up On Love
9.Take Time to Live (Caylin's Song)
The Joy Never Fades 英文
1.Only By His Grace
2.Turn Up The Radio
3.I Will Be Here
4.Beautiful Boy (Caleb's Song)
5.Forever More (Karen's Song)
Picture of You 英文
1.Take the First Step
3.I Love You More
4.Picture of You
5.Empty Room
6.Love Is
7.You Say I Am
8.I Found You
9.From the Very Start
Only by Grace... The Best of Brandon Hixson 英文
1.Forever More (Karen's Song) (提供)
2.You Never Let Me Go (提供)
3.Find Your Way (提供)
4.Bring on the Rain (提供)
5.Born to Fly (提供)
6.Here Is My Heart (提供)
7.Love Is (提供)
8.Empty Room (提供)
9.Picture of You (提供)
10.I Love You More (提供)
11.Exposed (提供)
12.Take the First Step (提供)
13.Beautiful Boy (Caleb's Song) (提供)
14.Turn up the Radio (提供)
15.The Miracle (提供)
My Heart's Melody 英文
1.Something Real
2.Over and Over
3.Red Letters
4.I Surrender
5.You Surround Me
6.The One You Need In Me
7.What's In This Love
8.Saving Grace
Here Is My Heart 英文
1.Born to Fly
2.Here Is My Heart
3.Bring on the Rain
4.Find Your Way
5.You Never Let Me Go
6.Love Revolution
7.Worth Fighting For
8.Joy to the World (Where Is the Silent Night)
暫存 英文
1.Autumn Fall

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