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Amber Digby【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 50 首歌 】
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Another Way to Live 英文
1.Just Someone I Used to Know (提供)
2.There Must Be Another Way to Live (提供)
3.This Heart of Mine (Can Never Say Goodbye) (提供)
4.The Sound of a Heartache (提供)
5.One Step Beyond (提供)
6.Soul Survivor (提供)
7.Lie to Him (提供)
8.After It Breaks (提供)
9.I'm Not Your Kind of Girl (提供)
10.Please Be My Love (提供)
11.Wrong Number (提供)
12.Silent Night (After the Fight) (提供)
Passion, Pride and What Might Have Been 英文
1.Take Me Back Again (提供)
2.You Snap Your Fingers (提供)
3.Let Me Be the Judge (提供)
4.Soakin Wet (提供)
5.One Kiss Away from Loneliness (提供)
6.She Didn't Color Daddy (提供)
7.Deep As Your Pocket (提供)
8.I Can't Get Used to Being This Lonely (提供)
9.Love Is the Foundation (提供)
10.How You Drink the Wine (提供)
11.Bring Your Love Back to Me (提供)
12.We're the Kind of People That Make the Jukebox Play (提供)
Music from the Honky Tonks 英文
1.I'm Ashamed of You
2.Cowboy Lovin' Night (提供)
3.If You See My Baby (提供)
4.Close Up the Honky Tonks (提供)
5.Here I Am Again (提供)
6.So Easy to Forgive Him (提供)
7.Somebody Somewhere (提供)
8.Three Years (提供)
9.The One You Slip Around With (提供)
10.Into My Arms Again
11.You're Still On My Mind
13.Threshold (提供)
14.Just Get Up and Close the Door (提供)
Here Come the Teardrops 英文
1.Bitter They Are (提供)
2.Flame In My Heart (提供)
3.If You Were Me (提供)
4.Hinges On the Door (提供)
5.Another Man Loved Me Last Night (提供)
6.Jealously Insane (提供)
7.Just In Case (提供)
8.Weak In the Knees
9.A Man I Hardly Know (提供)
10.Moment of Weakness (提供)
11.If Anyone Ought to Know
12.Loser's Game (提供)

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