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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Alvarius B.
Alvarius B.【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 72 首歌 】
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What One Man Can Do with an Acoustic Guitar, Surely Another Can Do with His Hands Around the Neck of God 英文
1.Twister (提供)
2.Funky Natchez (提供)
3.Where the Murk Flows (提供)
4.Cedar Point (提供)
5.Wildcat Regulations (提供)
6.Old Orange and His Cousin (提供)
7.Mean Crossover (提供)
8.Drunken Patriot (提供)
9.The Delta Stinger (提供)
10.Harsh Shadows (提供)
11.Wyoming Twilight (提供)
12.Lateral Paradigms (提供)
13.Dead Metal Forever (提供)
14.Attic Memory (提供)
15.Mantra Days (提供)
16.1Nasty Plumage (For Jack Rose) (提供)
Alvarius B. 英文
1.Switch Stripe Shins (提供)
2.Talaawtumsi (提供)
3.Insect Dilemma (提供)
4.Ccc (提供)
5.The Glide Underneath (提供)
6.Sun Bear Gall Bladder Bile (提供)
7.Satan's Blanket (提供)
8.The Draw (提供)
9.Disallowed (提供)
10.Through the Heart (提供)
11.Indian Summer Moon (提供)
12.Under the Light (提供)
13.Curse of the Left Shoe Demon (提供)
14.Sky Sharks (提供)
15.Viking Christmas (提供)
16.Ask Me to Die (提供)
17.The Great F**k Inaccessible (提供)
18.Chinese Checker (提供)
19.Crackled Witch (提供)
20.Doglet (提供)
21.The Decoration (提供)
22.Black Eyed Boat (提供)
23.Ghost of South Carolina (提供)
24.Femacide (提供)
25.Blood Baby (提供)
26.Rage Counselor (提供)
27.Civet's Tango (提供)
28.Hippie Conglomerate (提供)
29.Flying Skillet (提供)
30.Great White (提供)
31.Seeing-Eye Latte (提供)
32.Cooking With Satan (提供)
33.Detergentleman (提供)
34.Sex Cult from the University (提供)
35.Weather Funeral (提供)
36.Shovel in the Chest (提供)
37.Miss You?...No (提供)
38.Kingfisher (提供)
39.Once Upon a Time in Persia (提供)
40.Third Lung (提供)
41.Cichlid (提供)
42.Doctor Green Bomb (提供)
43.The Detector (提供)
44.The Clear-Out (提供)
45.White Ball (提供)
Baroque Primitiva 英文
1.The Dinner Party (提供)
2.Like That Madri Gal (提供)
3.3 Dead Girls (提供)
4.Funny Thing Is... (提供)
5.Naturally Absolute (提供)
6.Well Known Stranger (提供)
7.Face To Face With A Couple Axes (提供)
8.You Only Live Twice (提供)
9.Humor Police (提供)
10.Mussolini's Exit (提供)
11.God Only Be Without You (提供)

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