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Buckethead【 共收藏 38 張專輯, 321 首歌 】
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Arcade Of The Deserted 英文
1.Arcade of the Deserted (提供)
2.Swung Vault (提供)
3.Cavernous (提供)
4.Sank (提供)
The Mighty Microscope 英文
1.The Mighty Microscope (提供)
2.Phase Yellow (提供)
3.Inner Space (提供)
Last House On Slunk Street 英文
1.Last House on Slunk Street (提供)
2.Sounds From Inside The Wall (提供)
3.Unplugged Refrigerator (提供)
4.Wrapping Up Something (提供)
5.Stuff Hanging From The Ceiling (提供)
6.Posters Covering Stuff (提供)
7.Doormat With Hole Underneath (提供)
8.Used Glasses (提供)
9.Sandbox (提供)
10.Clothesline with Stuff Hanging On It (提供)
11.Popsicle Sticks and Ketchup (提供)
12.The Mops Got Something On It (提供)
13.There's a Stair Missing (提供)
14.The Cupboards Are (提供)
15.What's On The End of That Fork (提供)
16.Back Yard Chair (提供)
In The Hollow Hills 英文
1.In the Hollow Hills (提供)
2.Ghosts of Broken Eggs (提供)
3.Bumper Cars (提供)
4.Seas and Stars (提供)
Four Forms 英文
1.Midnight Sun (提供)
2.Four Forms (提供)
3.Collapse Surface (提供)
4.Open Warp (提供)
5.Dripping Castle (提供)
6.Ricochet Laser (提供)
7.Thing From the Sea (提供)
The Coats of Claude 英文
1.Forked Beak (提供)
2.Dimly Backlit Eyeballs (提供)
3.Headless Reflection (提供)
4.Animatronic Party Goers (提供)
5.Dancing Backwards (提供)
6.The Coats of Claude (提供)
7.Ghost in the Rocking Chair (提供)
Pikes 44: You Can’t Triple Stamp a Double Stamp 英文
1.Portrait Gallery (提供)
2.Tea and Strumpets (提供)
3.By the Moon (提供)
4.Snow Owl (提供)
5.Prominent Ghosts (提供)
6.Flickering Lights (提供)
7.Extra Gloves (提供)
8.Avalanche (提供)
9.Cripes (提供)
10.Silent City (提供)
11.Treedotted Hillside (提供)
12.Wormfarm (提供)
13.You Can't Triple Stamp a Double Stamp (提供)
Wishes 英文
1.Ascending Soul (提供)
2.Sharing Space (提供)
3.The Sky is Heavy (提供)
4.Wishes (提供)
Twisterlend 英文
1.Forbidden Fold (提供)
2.Gloomy Emptiness (提供)
3.Bowling for Slaughters (提供)
4.Twisterlend (提供)
5.The Closed Triptych (提供)
6.Ghouls of the Sea (提供)
7.Canal System (提供)
Thank you Ohlinger’s 英文
1.Telling Number (提供)
2.Manila Envelopes (提供)
3.Alphabetical Order (提供)
4.Window Clip (提供)
5.Shoe Lock (提供)
6.Thank you Ohlinger's (提供)
7.Unopened Boxes (提供)
8.Way in the Back (提供)
Telescape 英文
1.Pyramids Rising (提供)
2.Between Sea and Sky (提供)
3.Land Drawings (提供)
4.Launch Pad (提供)
5.Telescape 1 (提供)
6.Telescape 2 (提供)
Slug Cartilage 英文
1.Four Ton Chandelier (提供)
2.Scowl Owl (提供)
3.Previous Plate (提供)
4.Chip of Red (提供)
5.Pine Sap (提供)
6.Smudge Mad (提供)
7.Zebra Stripe (提供)
8.Slug Cartilage (提供)
9.I. Wasnail (提供)
Rise of the Blue Lotus 英文
1.Rise of the Blue Lotus (提供)
2.Mountain Cabin (提供)
3.The Flooding of Pain (提供)
Pancake Heater 英文
1.Pancake Heater (提供)
2.Spires of Space Mountain (提供)
3.Crumbled or Pelleted (提供)
4.Topspin (提供)
5.Trough Feeder (提供)
6.Omni Mover Assistance (提供)
7.Sprinkled (提供)
8.Beak to Scoop (提供)
9.Storing Feed (提供)
Mannequin Cemetery 英文
1.Melted Glasses (提供)
2.Purse of Holes (提供)
3.Cobwebs in the Calf (提供)
4.Faded Fingernail Polish (提供)
5.Hat That Smells Like an Old Bookstore (提供)
6.Where Rings Were (提供)
7.Piles of Parts (提供)
8.Shoes Without Socks (提供)
9.Mannequin Cemetery (提供)
Hollowed Out 英文
1.Trading Post (提供)
2.Cyborg Parking (提供)
3.Hollowed Out (提供)
4.One Foot In Front of the Other (提供)
5.Sideways Jaw Trap (提供)
6.Mosquito on Stilts (提供)
7.Low Rolling Hills (提供)
8.Lobster Hands (提供)
Halls of Dimension 英文
1.McDougal Street (提供)
2.Halls of Dimension Part One - Hall 1 (提供)
3.Hall 2 (提供)
4.Hall 3 (提供)
5.Hall 4 (提供)
6.Hall 5 (提供)
7.Part Two - Falling Through the Vacuum (提供)
8.Suns Set (提供)
Forgotten Library 英文
1.Disintergration (提供)
2.Corpse Be Animated (提供)
3.Faded From View (提供)
4.Yellowed Pages (提供)
5.Beginning Putrification (提供)
6.Decay (提供)
7.Forgotten Library (提供)
Feathers 英文
1.Feathers (提供)
2.Claw Station (提供)
3.Mill (提供)
4.Faded (提供)
5.Cactus Spines (提供)
6.Lake Whisperer (提供)
7.Rooster Row (提供)
Electric Sea 英文
1.Electric Sea (提供)
2.Beyond the Knowing (提供)
3.Point Doom (提供)
4.El Indio (提供)
5.La Wally (提供)
6.La Gavotte (提供)
7.Bachethead (提供)
8.Yokohama (提供)
9.The Homing Beacon (提供)
10.Swomee Swan (提供)
11.Gateless Gate (提供)
Balloon Cement 英文
1.Balloon Cement (提供)
2.Red Water Colors (提供)
3.Transport Void (提供)
4.Thistle Museum (提供)
5.Alligator Eye Viewer (提供)
6.Chestplate (提供)
7.Vast Mound (提供)
8.Replacement Nail (提供)
9.Shatter Shell (提供)
10.Bridge to Borg (提供)
11.Evaporate (提供)
12.Veil of Tinfoil (提供)
It's Alive 英文
1.Lebrontron (提供)
2.Tonka (提供)
3.Peeling Out (提供)
4.Barnyard Banties (提供)
5.Crack The Sky (提供)
6.The Hatch (提供)
7.Brooding Peeps (提供)
8.Picking The Feathers (提供)
Empty Space 英文
1.Leghorn (提供)
2.Comb And Wattles (提供)
3.Wormers (提供)
4.Empty Space (提供)
5.Dummy Egg (提供)
6.Pullets (提供)
7.Perched (提供)
8.Hatched (提供)
9.Portable Pen (提供)
10.Scrape The Dirt Off (提供)
Slaughterhouse On The Prairie 英文
1.LeBron (提供)
2.LeBron's Hammer (提供)
3.Blood Bayou (提供)
4.Iceman (提供)
5.Don't Use Roosts If You Raise Broilers (提供)
6.Robot Checkerboard (提供)
7.Premonition (提供)
8.Crouching Stump Hidden Limb (提供)
9.Goat Host (提供)
10.The Stretching Room (提供)
11.Pumpkin Pike (提供)
12.Collecting Specimens (提供)
13.Rack Maintenance Part 2 (提供)
Forensic Follies 英文
1.Mannequin Molds (提供)
2.Whirlwind (提供)
3.Plunger (提供)
4.Trunk Of The Tree (提供)
5.Slunk Shrine (提供)
6.Open Coffin Jamboree (提供)
7.I'll Be Taking Care Of Grampa (提供)
8.Three Headed Troll (提供)
9.Splinter Dissection (提供)
10.Forensic Follies (提供)
11.A-Cycle Light-Ray Cannons (提供)
12.Splinter In A Slunk's Eye (提供)
13.Under Sea Scalp (提供)
A Real Diamond In The Rough 英文
1.Broken Mirror (提供)
2.Big D's Touch (提供)
3.Separate Sky (提供)
4.Dawn Appears (提供)
5.A Real Diamond In The Rough (提供)
6.Sundial (提供)
7.Squid Ink (提供)
8.Four Rivers (提供)
9.Allowed To Play (提供)
10.Formless Present (提供)
11.Squid Ink Part 2 (提供)
12.The Miracle Of Surrender (提供)
13.The Return Of Captain EO (提供)
The Dragons Of Eden 英文
1.The Cosmic Calendar (提供)
2.The Brain And The Chariot (提供)
3.The Abstractions Of Beasts (提供)
4.Tales Of Dim Eden (提供)
5.Lovers And Madmen (提供)
6.Future Evolution (提供)
7.Draco (提供)
8.Knowledge Is Destiny (提供)
Albino Slug 英文
1.The Redeem Team (提供)
2.Siege Engine (提供)
3.Pink Eye (提供)
4.Dawn At The Deuce (提供)
5.Flee Flicker (提供)
6.Symmetrical Slug (提供)
7.The Bight Of Benin (提供)
8.Fear Of Salt (提供)
9.Spooner Arks (提供)
10.Electric Bell Blanket (提供)
11.Tide Pools (提供)
12.Shell Substitutions (提供)
13.Forgotten Trail (提供)
Acoustic Shards 英文
1.Box Elders (提供)
2.Cubes Chunks And Crumbles (提供)
3.Dinging (提供)
4.Ed's Rhapsody (提供)
5.For Mom (提供)
6.Ganryu Island (提供)
7.Ghosts Upstairs (提供)
8.Johnny (提供)
9.Little Gracie (提供)
10.Longing (提供)
11.Serape (提供)
12.Spirals (提供)
13.Stay Out Of The Shed (提供)
14.Thugs (提供)
15.Who Me (提供)
Electric Tears 英文
1.All In The Waiting (提供)
2.Baptism Of Solitude (提供)
3.Sketches Of Spain (For Miles) (提供)
4.Spell Of The Gypsies (提供)
5.Witches On The Heath (提供)
Monsters and Robots 英文
1.Ballad Of Buckethead
2.Night Of The Slunk (提供)
3.Revenge Of The Double-Man (提供)
Spinal Clock 英文
1.Spinal Clock (提供)
2.Overnight The Animatronics (提供)
3.Gelatin Nerve (提供)
4.Spinal Cracker (提供)
5.Skeleton Dance (提供)
6.Bayou By You (提供)
7.Lafayette's Landing (提供)
8.Whale On This (提供)
9.Four O'Clock For Dub Down (提供)
Shadows Between The Sky 英文
1.Shadows Between The Sky (提供)
2.Inward Journey (提供)
3.Chaos Of The Unconscious (提供)
4.Rim Of The World (提供)
5.City Of Woe (提供)
6.Sea Wall (提供)
7.Sled Ride (提供)
8.Sunken Statue (提供)
9.Cookies For Santa (提供)
10.Andrew Henry's Meadow (提供)
11.Centrum (提供)
12.The Cliffs Stare (提供)
13.Greenskeeper (提供)
14.Wax Paper (提供)
15.Walk On The Moon (提供)
Giant Robot 英文
1.Pure Imagination
Enter The Chicken 英文
1.We Are One
Captain EO's Voyage 英文
1.Captain EO's Voyage (提供)
2.Light (提供)
3.Infinity Appears (提供)
4.Stained Glass Hill (提供)
5.Trails Of Moondust (提供)
6.Star Chasing (提供)
7.Dancing The Dream (提供)
8.The Siphoning Sequence (提供)
9.Chase The Darkness Out (提供)
10.Backwards Footprint (提供)
11.Tarantula Crossing (提供)
12.Tears In The Mirror (提供)
Bucketheadland 2 英文
1.The Cobra's Head
2.Rooster Landing/ Lime Time
3.The Cobra's Hood
4.Machete Mirage
5.John Merrick-Elephant Man Bones Explosion
6.Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
7.Two Pints
8.Fun for You
暫存 英文
1.I Come in Peace
2.Unemployment Blues
3.Fun For You
5.Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker
6.Buckethead's Toystore
7.Nosin' (提供)
8.911 (提供)
9.Flight 19 (提供)
10.Collision (提供)
11.Jessy (提供)
12.Whitewash (提供)

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