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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手59 Times The Pain
59 Times The Pain【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 65 首歌 】
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More Out Of Today 英文
1.More Out Of Today
2.Something You're Not
3.Leaders & Followers
4.Gotta Be Ready
6.So Blind
7.As Things Were Before
8.When It All Comes Down
9.One After Another
10.To Me You're Dead
11.Is This It?
12.All You Got
13.We're In, Now What?
14.2min Remaining In The 3rd
15.For Now
16.Time To Chill
Calling the Public 英文
1.Rock the City (提供)
2.Welcome To The 21st Century (提供)
3.Calling the Public (提供)
4.Classaction (提供)
5.Cash on Delivery (提供)
6.Dead on a Day Like This (提供)
7.Upgraded System (提供)
8.Freedom Station (提供)
9.Room with a View (提供)
10.Addicted (提供)
11.My Life My Choice My Call (提供)
12.The Emergency (提供)
End Of The Millennium 英文
1.Got It All In Sight
2.Me Against The World
3.Priority #1
4.Weekend Revolution
5.Found Home
6.Turn At 25th
7.Workin' Man Hero
8.Need No Alibi
9.Broken Unity
10.Make It Go Away
11.Daily Mind Distortion
12.Clear Enough?
13.Punkrock College (On With The Show)
Twenty Percent Of My Hand 英文
1.Start The Song
2.With Instead Of Against
3.Can't Change Me
4.Don't Belong Here
5.Once Proud To Be
6.Keeping The Dream Alive
7.Face The Truth
9.Today Is The Day
10.When Ends Never Meet
11.Too Late
12.Neither Question Or Disagree
13.We're Still Around
Music For HardcorePunx (EP) 英文
2.Against It
3.Flares 'N' Slippers
4.Small Man, Big Mouth
5.Police On My Back
6.Can't Change Me (EP)
Blind Anger And Hate 英文
1.Give Us A Break
2.Nothing Left
3.Leave Me Alone
暫存 英文
1.Weakend Revolution2.Working Man Hero

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