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The Phasefire Camphead 英文
1.The Macridge Quarie (提供)
2.Fire Wellfare (提供)
3.The Compound Tears of Eye (提供)
4.This Bird Down Slow (提供)
5.Change is Constant (提供)
6.Bye Saturday Sun (提供)
7.Chrononataronon (提供)
8.Eye See Through Oscar the Red (提供)
9.Bet'sher Head (提供)
10.85′ Pontiac Dream (提供)
11.Clarity of a Moment (提供)
12.Cowday Boyvan (提供)
13.Cocktail Pea (提供)
14.Icarus An' Them Satelittes (提供)
15.Dreamkey Chromacoat (提供)
16.Veinbow into the Brainbow (提供)
Hi Scores 2014 Edition 英文
1.Hi Scores (提供)
2.Nlogax (提供)
3.June 9th (提供)
4.Seeya Later (提供)
5.Everything You Do Is a Balloon (提供)
Tomorrow's Harvest 英文
1.Gemini (提供)
2.Reach for the Dead (提供)
3.White Cyclosa (提供)
4.Jacquard Causeway (提供)
6.Cold Earth (提供)
7.Transmisiones Ferox (提供)
8.Sick Times (提供)
9.Collapse (提供)
10.Palace Posy (提供)
11.Split Your Infinites (提供)
12.Uritual (提供)
13.Nothing Is Real (提供)
14.Sundown (提供)
15.New Seeds (提供)
16.Come to Dust (提供)
17.Semena Mertvykh (提供)
The Campfire Headphase 英文
1.Into the Rainbow Vein (提供)
2.Chromakey Dreamcoat (提供)
3.Satellite Anthem Icarus (提供)
4.Peacock Tail (提供)
5.Dayvan Cowboy (提供)
6.A Moment of Clarity (提供)
7.84 Pontiac Dream (提供)
8.Sherbet Head (提供)
9.Oscar See Through Red Eye (提供)
10.Ataronchronon (提供)
11.Hey Saturday Sun (提供)
12.Constants Are Changing (提供)
13.Slow This Bird Down (提供)
14.Tears from the Compound Eye (提供)
15.Farewell Fire (提供)
16.Macquarie Ridge (提供)
Music Has the Right to Children 英文
1.Turquoise Hexagon Sun (提供)
2.The Color Of The Fire (提供)
3.Wildlife Analysis (提供)
4.Roygbiv (提供)
5.Kaini Industries (提供)
6.Telephasic Workshop (提供)
7.Left Side Drive (提供)
Geogaddi 英文
1.Music Is Math (提供)
2.Diving Station (提供)
3.The Devil Is In The Details
4.Energy Warning
5.Julie And Candy
6.Ready Lets Go (提供)
7.Alpha And Omega
8.I Saw Drones (提供)
Random 35 Tracks Tape 英文
1.[Audiotrack 08]
2.[Audiotrack 12]
3.[Audiotrack 02]
4.[Audiotrack 20]
5.[Audiotrack 17]
暫存 英文
1.One Very Important Thought
4.In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country
5.Sunshine Recorder
6.An Eagle in Your Mind (Consumed and Regurgitated by the P.B.O. Ster!)

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