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Bloodgood【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 62 首歌 】
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Bloodgood 英文
1.Demon On The Run
2.Stand In The Light
3.What's Following The Grave
To Germany With Love (Live In Germany) 英文
1.Kingdom Come (Live In Germany)
2.Crucify (Live In Germany)
3.I Want to Live In Your Heart (Live In Germany)
4.Escape from the Fire (Live In Germany)
5.Anguish and Pain (Live In Germany)
6.Hey You! (Live In Germany)
7.All Stand Together (Live In Germany)
8.Out of Love (Live In Germany)
9.Let My People Go (Live In Germany)
10.Heaven On Earth (Live In Germany)
11.Seven (Live In Germany)
Rock Theater: Shakin' the World (Live) 英文
1.Let My People Go (Live)
2.Seven (Live)
3.Accept the Lamb (Live)
4.The Messiah (Live)
5.Crucify (Live)
6.Holy Fire (Live)
7.Eat the Flesh (Live)
8.Awake! (Live)
9.Top of the Mountain (Live)
10.Mad Dog World (Live)
11.New Age Illusion (Live)
Rock In A Hard Place 英文
1.Shakin' It
Out Of Darkness 英文
1.Hey You
Detonation 英文
1.Crucify2.Holy Fire
Dangerously Close 英文
1.Lamb of God
2.Crush Me
3.Man In the Middle
4.Father Father
5.Run the Race
6.I Can Hold On
8.Bread Alone
9.I Will
10.Child On Earth
11.Run Away
12.In the Trenches
All Stand Together 英文
1.Kingdom Come
Alive in America/Live Vol. 1 英文
1.Out of the Darkness (Live)
2.America (Live)
3.Soldier of Peace (Live)
4.Shakin' It (Live)
5.Heaven On Earth (Live)
6.She's Gone (Live)
7.Alone In Suicide (Live)
8.Hey You! (Live)
9.It's Alright (Live)
10.Do or Die (Live)
11.Never Be the Same (Live)
暫存 英文
2.The World (Keeps Movin' Around)
3.Heaven On Earth
4.It's Alright
5.I Want To Live In Your Heart
6.Escape From The Fire
8.Black Snake
9.Live Wire

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