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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Blitzen Trapper
Blitzen Trapper【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 98 首歌 】
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Mystery and Wonder EP 英文
1.Let the Cards Fall (Live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic) (提供)2.I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
Live Harvest 英文
1.Out on the Weekend (提供)
2.Harvest (提供)
3.A Man Needs a Maid (提供)
4.Heart of Gold (提供)
5.Are You Ready for the Country (提供)
6.Old Man (提供)
7.There's a World (提供)
8.Alabama (提供)
9.The Needle and the Damage Done (提供)
10.Words (提供)
All Across This Land 英文
1.All Across This Land
2.Rock and Roll (Was Made For You)
3.Mystery and Wonder
4.Love Grow Cold
5.Lonesome Angel (提供)
6.Nights Were Made For Love
7.Cadillac Road
8.Let the Cards Fall (提供)
9.Even If You Don't (提供)
10.Across The River (提供)
Live In Portland 英文
1.Jericho2.Sleepy Time In The Western World
VII 英文
1.Ever Loved Once
2.Earth (Fever Called Love) (提供)
3.Drive On Up (提供)
4.Thirsty Man
5.Valley of Death (提供)
6.Oregon Geography (提供)
7.Neck Tatts, Cadillacs (提供)
8.Heart Attack (提供)
9.Faces of You (提供)
10.Don't Be a Stranger (提供)
11.Feel the Chill (提供)
12.Shine On
American Goldwing 英文
2.Might Find It Cheap
3.Love The Way You Walk Away
4.Your Crying Eyes
5.Girl In A Coat
6.My Home Town
7.American Goldwing
9.Taking It Easy Too Long
10.Street Fighting Sun
11.Stranger In A Strange Land
Black River Killer (EP) 英文
1.Silver Moon
2.Going Down
3.Shoulder Full Of You
4.Preacher's Sister's Boy (提供)
5.Black Rock (提供)
6.Big Black Bird
Wild Mountain Nation 英文
1.Wild Mountain Nation
2.Futures & Folly
3.Miss Spiritual Tramp
4.Sci-Fi Kid
5.Wild Mtn. Jam
6.Country Caravan
7.Devil's A-Go-Go (提供)
8.Woof & Warp Of The Quiet Giant's (提供)
9.Hot Tip/Tough Cub (提供)
10.The Green King Sings (提供)
11.Summer Town
12.Murder Babe (提供)
13.Badger's Black Brigade
Maybe Baby / Soul Singer (7'' 45 Single) 英文
1.Maybe Baby2.Soul Singer
Furr 英文
1.Sleepytime In The Western World
2.Gold For Bread
4.God And Suicide
5.Fire And Fast Bullets
6.Saturday Nite
7.Black River Killer
8.Not Your Lover
9.Love U
10.War On Machines
11.Stolen Shoes And A Rifle
12.Echo/Always On/Easy Con
13.Lady On The Water
Destroyer Of The Void 英文
1.Destroyer Of The Void
2.Laughing Lover
3.Below The Hurricane
4.The Man Who Would Speak True
5.Love And Hate
6.Heaven And Earth
7.Dragon's Song
8.The Tree
9.Evening Star
10.Lover Leave Me Drowning
11.The Tailor
暫存 英文
1.Crazy On You
2.Let the Cards Fall (Live on KCRW's Good Morning Eclectic) [Live]
3.Lady On the Water (Live)
4.Working on the Highway

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