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Crowns & Crosses 英文
1.We Here Now
2.All I Know Pt. 2 (提供)
3.Forever Love (After The Storm Interlude) (提供)
4.Work It Out (提供)
6.Dream World (提供)
7.From The Outside (提供)
8.Money Get Low (提供)
9.Hands In The Air '94 (提供)
10.Been 100 (提供)
11.Royalty (提供)
12.Royalty Interlude (提供)
13.Knock Off Love
14.Oh Yeah (All I Know Pt. 1) (提供)
15.Ain't Got It (提供)
16.Wake Up (提供)
17.Bless His Name
18.God Over Money Cypher 2.0 (提供)
Surrender 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Soul Deep
3.Prayers Up (提供)
4.Believers (提供)
5.All Over Again (提供)
6.Feel Good (提供)
7.Better With You (提供)
8.Sin No More (提供)
9.Ride Out (提供)
10.Anybody (提供)
11.No Hate (提供)
12.No More (提供)
13.Protocol (提供)
14.Not for Sale (提供)
15.Surrender (提供)
16.Monopoly (提供)
Well Wishes 英文
1.Ready (提供)
2.One Way (Remix)
3.In the Morning
4.Still Ridin
5.Hallelujah (Work)
6.Love We Share (提供)
7.Thought They Knew
8.It Takes a Village
9.Did for Me (提供)
10.It Ain't Easy (提供)
11.Learn Today
12.Do This (提供)
13.You Know (Remix) (提供)
The Good Fight 英文
1.Lead Me (feat. Willie Moore Jr.)
2.Here We Go (提供)
3.Do It Again (feat. Willie Moore Jr.) (提供)
4.Think 4 a Minute
5.Dear Hip Hop
6.You Know (提供)
7.Higher (feat. J. Carter) (提供)
8.Against You (提供)
9.The Way (feat. Haley Hunt) (提供)
10.Make Her the Mrs. (feat. Willie Moore Jr.) (提供)
11.I'm a Christian (提供)
12.Soldier (feat. No Malice) (提供)
14.Mr. Range Rover (feat. Kay Richardson) (提供)
15.Tomorrow (No Win) (提供)
16.My Confession (feat. Sevin) (提供)
17.Safest Place (Interlude) [feat. Sevin] (提供)
18.Meet My Savior (提供)
19.Not Alone (feat. Nina Sims) (提供)
20.Better Way Pt.2 (Sandy Hook Tribute)
The Messenger 3: Truth Music 英文
1.Dre day Freestyle
2.G Thang Freestyle
3.Never Let You Go (feat. Bumps INF)
4.Stay Dat Freestyle
The Messenger 2: Delivered 英文
1.Just Sayin
God Over Money 英文
Better Way Pt. 2 (Single) 英文
1.Better Way Pt. 2
B-Bizzle 英文
1.My Intro
暫存 英文
2.Forgive Me (feat. Jin)
3.Long Time Comin

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