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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Billy J. Kramer( Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas )
Billy J. Kramer( Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas )【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 36 首歌 】
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Original Hits 英文
1.From a Window
2.Trains and Boats and Planes
3.I'll Be Doggone
4.I Call Your Name
5.Second to None
6.I'll Be on My Way
7.Dance With Me
8.Forgive Me
Do You Want To Know A Secret? (The EMI Recordings 1963-1983) 英文
1.I Call Your Name - Live
2.Bad To Me (Live)
3.I'll Keep You Satisfied (Live)
4.Forgive Me (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
5.I'll Be Doggone (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
6.Trains and Boats and Planes (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
7.It's a Mad, Mad World (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
8.From a Window (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
9.Second To None (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
10.Little Children (Live)
11.Dance With Me - Mono;1997 Remastered Version
12.I'll Be On My Way - Mono;1998 Remastered Version
13.Do You Want To Know a Secret? (Mono;1998 Digital Remaster)
At Abbey Road 1963-1966 英文
1.Dance With Me - 1998 Remastered Version
2.Bad To Me - 1998 Remastered Version
3.Second To None - Mono;1998 Remastered Version
4.Forgive Me - Mono;1998 Remastered Version
暫存 英文
1.Bad To Me
2.From A Window
3.I'll Keep You Satisfied
4.Little Children
5.It's a Mad, Mad World
6.Do You Want To Know A Secret
7.Bad To Me (with The Dakotas) [Remastered] - Remastered
8.Trains and Boats and Planes (Re-Recording)
9.Trains and Boats and Planes
10.Do You Wanna Know a Secret
11.Trains & Boats & Planes

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