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B.G.( Baby Gangsta )【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 190 首歌 】
Christopher Noel Dorsey(1980年9月3日出生),以他的舞台名稱B.G而聞名。 (“Baby Gangsta”的簡稱)是來自路易斯安那州新奧爾良的美國說唱歌手。 1992年,他開始了自己的音樂生涯,並與Lil Wayne(當時被稱為Baby D.)簽署了Cash Money Records,作為The B.G.'z的一半。 這兩個人,以及少年和土耳其的饒舌歌手,於1997年共同組建了Hot Boys。2001年,B.G. 從Cash Money Records辭職並創建了自己的唱片公司Chopper City Records。
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Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood 英文
1.I Hustle
2.Gutta Gutta (提供)
3.My Wrist Game Is Sick! (提供)
4.Chopper City Is An Army (提供)
5.Back To The Money
6.Hit The Block & Roll (提供)
7.Fuckin' U Right (提供)
8.Nigga Owe Me Some Money (提供)
9.I Swar (提供)
10.Fuck The Game Up (提供)
Chopper City 英文
1.187.9 'fm' (提供)
2.Wheel Chairs
3.Uptown Thang (wait'n On Your Picture)
4.So Much Death
6.Represent (提供)
7.Play'n and Laugh'n
8.Order 20 Keys
9.Niggas Don't Understand
10.Doing Bad
11.Bat A Bitch
12.All On U
13.Ziggly Wiggly - Toilet Paper (提供)
14.Niggas In Trouble
Chopper City Gorilla Dept: Life From The Concrete Jungle 英文
1.Intro B.G.
2.Never Look Back (提供)
3.Keep It Real (提供)
4.Bubblegum (提供)
5.Don't Step On My White Feet (提供)
6.Bizness (提供)
7.Dealer (提供)
8.Maintain (提供)
9.My Life
10.Blow It (提供)
11.I Like It (提供)
12.Dick Suck (提供)
13.G.A. (提供)
14.Be Kool (提供)
15.M.O.E. (提供)
16.Get Away Wit (提供)
17.U Can Bleed Too (提供)
Play It How It Go 英文
Checkmate 英文
1.Ah Ha...
2.What's That Smell
3.Tyma Talkin (提供)
4.To My People
5.This Nigga Die
6.Run With My Chopper
9.I Know
10.He Used 2 Be A Man
11.Hennessy & Xtc
12.Gun Slinger
13.Get In Line
14.Change The World
15.Bounce With Me
16.Big Tymers (提供)
17.You Know How We Do
It's All On U 2 英文
1.6 Figure (featuring Hot Boys) (提供)
2.What Ya Wanna Do?
3.'u' All 'n'
4.Stay 'n' Line Hoe
5.Ride or die
6.Plan went sour
7.Livin' Legend
8.I'm Tryin'
9.Hot Boys 226
10.Don't Hate Me (featuring Big Tymers) (提供)
11.Clean up man
13.Get Your Shine On
It's All On U 1 英文
1.187 Big Tymers (提供)
2.Round My Way
3.Ride 2 Night
4.''N'' My City
5.Let's Get Funky
6.I Be Thinking (提供)
7.Get Your Shine On
8.Gangsta Sh*t!! (提供)
9.Cash Money Niggaz
10.Silent B.G.
11.Fuck These Hoez
13.Uptown Thang (wait'n On Your Picture)
Chopper City In The Ghetto 英文
1.Bling Bling
2.Uptown My Home
3.Trigga Play
5.Real Niggaz
6.Play'n It Raw
7.Niggas In Trouble
8.Made Man
9.Knock Out
10.Intro (big Tymers) (提供)
11.Hard Times
12.Dog Ass
13.Cash Money Roll
14.Cash Money Is An Army
15.'Bout My Paper
16.With Tha B.g.
B.g.'z True Story 英文
1.Down For My Stacks (提供)
2.From Tha 13th To Tha 17th
3.Fuck Big Boy
4.Fuck These Hoez
5.Get On My Feet
6.Hood Took Me Under (提供)
7.Start N Tha Game (提供)
8.Thrill B'g (提供)
9.True Story
Too Hood To Be Hollywood 英文
1.Keep It 100
2.Like Yeah
3.For A Minute
4.Ya Heard Me
5.My Hood
The Heart Of Tha Streetz 英文
1.Get Ya Game Up
2.Ride With That
3.On Da Block (Skit)
4.U See Why
The Heart Of Tha Streetz Vol. 2 英文
1.What I Need
2.Move Around
3.Living Right (feat. Tone Tone)
Livin' Legend 英文
1.Hottest of the Hot
2.My Son And Daughter
3.Only 4 U
Life After Cash Money 英文
2.My Life
暫存 英文
1.Press One
2.Bling Bling
3.Soulja's 4 Lyfe (Skit)
4.Stay 'N' Line Hoe
5.Get Your Shine On (Remix)
6.Hennessy & XTC
7.Niggas Don't Understand
8.Change The World
9.My Bitches
10.From Da 9th Ward 2 Da 13th
11.Maldita Noche
12.6 Figure
13.Hot Boys 226
14.Work Dat Ass
15.Clean Up Man Pt. 2
17.Ride Or Die
18.So Much Death
19.Hatin On Me
20.Let's Get Funky
21.Rolling In My Cadillac
22.I Know
23.Deuces Up
24.Heart Of Tha Street
25.Niggas N Trouble
26.Act A Ass
28.Uptown Thang (Remix Hot)
29.I Want It
30.Gun Slinger
31.My World 'I Want It'
32.Bling Bling (radio Remix)
33.Where Da At
34.Fuck That Shit
35.Get Wild With It
36.Hot boyz 226
37.Ain't No Bitch
38.I'm try'n
39.Niggaz In Trouble
40.U Know How We Do
41.Doing My Thang
42.Walk With Me
43.Let It Flow
44.Fuck Thang
45.Right Now
46.Make 'em Mad
47.Just Like That
48.Real Niggas and Real Bitches
49.Rollin' In My Cadillac
50.Don't Talk to Me
52.Reed Richards
53.Rollin' Raw
54.Thugged Out
55.He Used To Be My Man
56.Gangsta Shit
57.Same Ol' S*%#
58.Hold U Down
59.Beat That Pussy Up
61.Guilty by Association
62.Real Nigga

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