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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Craig Morgan( 克雷格摩根 )
Craig Morgan( 克雷格摩根 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 105 首歌 】
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Greatest Hits 英文
1.Almost Home
2.Redneck Yacht Club
3.International Harvester
4.That's What I Love About Sunday
6.Little Bit Of Life
7.I Love It
8.I'm Country
9.Every Friday Afternoon
10.I Got You
11.I Am
A Whole Lot More To Me 英文
1.I'll Be Home Soon
2.A Whole Lot More to Me
3.I Can't Wait to Stay (提供)
4.Remind Me Why I'm Crazy
5.Who Would It Be (提供)
6.When I'm Gone
7.I'm That Country (提供)
8.Country Side of Heaven (提供)
9.Hearts I Leave Behind (feat. Mac Powell) (提供)
10.All Cried Out (提供)
11.Living on the Memories (提供)
12.Remind Me Why I'm Crazy
The Journey Livin’ Hits 英文
1.Almost Home
2.Wake Up Lovin' You
3.We'll Come Back Around
4.Party Girl (提供)
5.If Not Me
6.That's What I Love About Sunday
This Ole Boy 英文
1.This Ole Boy
2.Better Stories
3.Show Me Your Tattoo
4.The Whole World Needs A Kitchen
5.More Trucks Than Cars
6.Country Boys Like Me
7.Love Loves A Long Night
8.Being Alive and Livin'
9.Fish Weren't Bitin'
10.I Didn't Drink
11.Corn Star
12.Summer Moon
This Ole Boy (Single) 英文
1.This Ole Boy (Single)
That's Why 英文
1.Love Remembers
2.That's Why
4.God Must Really Love Me
5.Summer Sundown
6.Every Red Light
7.It Took A Woman
8.Planet Her
9.Ordinary Angels
10.Lookin' Back With You
Little Bit of Life 英文
1.Little Bit Of Life
3.International Harvester
4.I Am
5.The Ballad of Mr. Jenkins
6.The Song
7.Sweet Old Fashion Goodness
8.Nothin' Goin' Wrong Around Here
9.Look At 'Em Fly
10.My Kind Of Woman
11.I Guess You Had To Be There
My Kind of Livin' 英文
1.That's What I Love About Sunday
2.Redneck Yacht Club
3.Ain't the Way I Wanna Go Out
4.Rain for the Roses
5.Blame Me
6.Lotta Man (In That Little Boy)
7.That's When I'll Believe That You're Gone
8.I Got You
9.In My Neighborhood
10.Cowboy and Clown
11.If You Like That
12.I'm Country
I Love It 英文
2.I Love It
3.What You Do to Me
Craig Morgan 英文
2.Something to Write Home About
3.When a Man Can't Get a Woman Off His Mind
4.I Want Us Back
6.Everywhere I Go
7.302 South Maple Avenue
8.It's Me
9.Walking In My Father's Shoes
10.I Wish I Could See Bakersfield
11.Everything's a Thing
暫存 英文
1.Still A Little Chicken Left On That Bone
3.Always Be Mine
4.Look At Us
5.God, Family and Country
6.When You Kiss Me
7.This Ain't Nothin'
8.Ev'rything's A Thing
9.Every Friday Afternoon
10.In the Dream
11.Where Has My Hometown Gone
12.Nowhere Without You
13.What Matters Most
14.We'll Come Back Around (Acoustic)
15.Wake Up Lovin' You (Acoustic)

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