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Colin Hay【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 130 首歌 】
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Next Year People 英文
1.Trying To Get To You
2.If I Had Been a Better Man
3.Did You Just Take the Long Way Home
4.I Want You Back
5.Next Year People
6.Lived In Vain
7.Scattered In the Sand
8.To There From Here
9.Mr. Grogan
10.Waiting In the Rain
American Sunshine 英文
1.Oh California
2.Prison Time
3.There's Water Over You
4.I Came Into Your Store
5.No Time
6.Broken Love
7.I Can't Get Up Out Of This Bed
8.The End Of Wilhemina
9.Baby Can I See You Tonight
10.Pleased To Almost Meet You
11.American Sunshine (提供)
Man At Work 英文
1.Beautiful World
2.Down Under
4.Storm In My Heart
5.Looking For Jack
6.Don't Be Afraid
7.It's A Mistake
8.Waiting For My Real Life To Begin
9.To Have And To Hold
10.Who Can It Be Now?
11.Be Good Johnny
12.Love Is Innocent
Going Somewhere 英文
1.Children On Parade
Transcendental Highway 英文
1.Transcendental Highway
2.Freedom Calling (提供)
3.I'll Leave the Light On
4.Death Row Conversation
5.Wash It All Away
6.I'm Doing Fine
7.If I Go
8.Goodbye My Red Rose
9.My Brilliant Feat
10.Don't Believe You Anymore
11.I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
Topanga 英文
1.I Haven't Seen You in a Long Time
2.I Think I Know
3.Against the Tide
4.She Put the Blame on You
5.Lost Generation
6.Road to Mandalay
Peaks & Valleys 英文
1.Hold on to My Hand
2.Go Ask an Old Man
3.Sometimes I Wish
4.Melbourne Song
6.Keep on Walking
7.Can't Take This Town
8.She Keeps Me Dreaming
9.Into the Cornfields
10.Dream On
11.Walk Amongst His Ruins
12.Sea Dogs
Man @ Work 英文
1.Waiting For My Real Life To Begin - Re-Release
2.It's A Mistake
3.Down Under (feat. Cecilia Noël & The Wild Clams)
4.Love Is Innocent
5.To Have and to Hold
6.Don't Be Afraid
7.Storm in My Heart (new recording)
8.Be Good Johnny (new recording)
9.Who Can It Be Now? (acoustic version)
10.It's a Mistake (new recording)
11.Looking for Jack (new recording)
12.Overkill (acoustic version)
13.Beautiful World (alternate mix)
14.Love Is Innocent (Previously Unreleased)
15.Don't Be Afraid (Previously Unreleased)
Looking for Jack 英文
1.Looking for Jack
2.Master of Crime
3.These Are Our Finest Days
4.Puerto Rico
5.Circles Erratica
6.Fisherman's Friend
7.I Don't Need You Anymore
8.Hold Me
Gathering Mercury 英文
1.Send Somebody
2.Family Man
4.Dear Father
5.Gathering Mercury
6.Half A Million Angels
7.Far From Home
8.Where The Sky Is Blue
9.A Simple Song
10.Goodnight Romeo (提供)
Company of Strangers 英文
1.Company of Strangers
2.No Win Situation
3.How Long Will It Last
4.Beautiful World
Are You Looking at Me? 英文
1.Wish I Was Still Drinking
2.Land of the Midnight Sun
3.Me and My Imaginary Friend
4.Pure Love
5.What Would Bob Do?
6.Lonely Without You
7.This Time I Got You
8.No One Knows
9.Up in Smoke
10.Here in My Hometown
11.Lose to Win
12.Are You Lookin' at Me?
暫存 英文
1.The Best In Me
2.A Thousand Million Reasons
3.Lucky Bastard
4.Into My Life
5.Dear J
6.Going Somewhere
7.The Flying Song
8.Wayfaring Sons
10.I Don't Know Why (Live)
11.Water Song
12.I Got Woken Up
13.Small Town Big Hell
14.Small Price To Be Free
15.Dream On (In The Night)
16.And If You Only Knew
17.Waiting for My Real Life to Begin (Album Version)
18.I Don't Miss You Now

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