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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Chris Jamison
Chris Jamison【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 49 首歌 】
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Cradle to Cradle 英文
1.Bienvenidos (提供)
2.Going Down the Road (提供)
3.Corpus Christi (提供)
4.Flea Market Traffic (提供)
5.Song of David (提供)
6.Playing Pretend (提供)
7.Nothing's Easy (提供)
8.One Foot in Front of the Other (提供)
9.Lovelorn (提供)
10.Old Innocence (提供)
11.Out with a Bang (提供)
Strangers and Lovers 英文
1.Hollywood Cemetery (提供)
2.Dreamlight Candle (提供)
3.Wonderland Avenue (提供)
4.Wishing Well (提供)
5.Midnight Cowboy (提供)
6.River of Tears (提供)
7.Holy Ghost (提供)
8.Begger (提供)
9.Rainy Lady (提供)
10.Loving Hand (提供)
11.In One Ear (提供)
Into Surrender 英文
1.A Heart Unbroken (提供)
2.Hair of the Dog (提供)
3.Pebble in the Sea (提供)
4.Empty Dreamers (提供)
5.Savage Nation (提供)
6.Holding Illusions (提供)
7.Heaven's Here (提供)
8.Good Luck, Bad Luck (提供)
9.The Morning (提供)
10.Into Surrender (提供)
11.What Freedom Means (提供)
The Complete Season 7 Collection (The Voice Performance) 英文
1.Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay (The Voice Performance)
2.I'll Be (The Voice Performance)
3.Sexual Healing (The Voice Performance)
4.When I Was Your Man (The Voice Performance)
5.Velvet (The Voice Performance)
I Am Chris Jamison - EP 英文
3.Heartbeat Away
暫存 英文
1.Better Man
2.Cry Me a River (The Voice Performance)
3.Sugar (The Voice Performance)
4.Uptown Funk (The Voice Performance)
5.Jealous (The Voice Performance)
6.Don't (The Voice Performance)
7.Gravity (The Voice Performance)
8.Let Me Love You

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