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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Chinx Drugz
Chinx Drugz【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 52 首歌 】
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Cocaine Riot 4 英文
1.Couple Niggas
2.Floor Up Feat. Zack Produced by Young Stokes (Four Kings) (提供)
3.Gon Lie Feat. Lil Durk
4.Lets Get it Feat. Young Thug
5.Dope Game Feat. Tak (提供)
6.All I Know
7.Do What I Wanna Feat. Zack (提供)
8.Wanna Know Feat. French Montana & Zack (提供)
9.What You See Feat. A$AP Ferg
10.Thank You Feat. French Montana & Bynoe (提供)
11.Knew Dat
12.Brown Paper Bag (提供)
Cocaine Riot 2 英文
1.No Giving Up (提供)
2.I'm a Coke Boy (提供)
3.Early in the Game (提供)
4.We Rollin (提供)
5.Road 2 Riches (提供)
6.Buy This Game (提供)
7.Fly S**t (提供)
8.Bout That Bacon (提供)
9.Holla At a N***a (提供)
10.Paper Chaser (提供)
11.Gun Man (提供)
12.Murder One (提供)
13.Greedy (提供)
14.Perfect Picture (提供)
15.Talk About It (提供)
16.Coke Boy Wave (提供)
17.Pressure On My Head (提供)
Flight 2011 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Morning (提供)
3.Every Time (提供)
4.Now or Never (提供)
5.What They Askin For (提供)
6.Mile Away (提供)
7.Back To Da Wall (提供)
8.Talk To Me (提供)
9.Money Goin' (提供)
10.Outro (提供)
Cocaine Riot 英文
1.Labor Day (提供)
2.Had It All (提供)
3.Street Superhero (提供)
4.Super Light (提供)
5.Flexin Hard (提供)
6.Posted Up (提供)
7.Live Forever (提供)
8.Finsh Line (提供)
9.Green Light (提供)
10.In My Life (提供)
11.How It Goes (提供)
12.Coke Boy Knot (提供)
13.Own Man (提供)

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