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The Sum of Its Parts 英文
1.glise (提供)
2.38 Weeks (feat. Lisa Gerrard) [Extended Album Mix] (提供)
3.Oxygen (feat. Paul Aiden)
4.One Thousand Suns (feat. Christian Burns) [Soundprank (提供)
5.Tuesdays (feat. City Lies & Manu Zain) (提供)
6.Still With Me (feat. Bo Bruce) [DC Remix] (提供)
7.One More Time (feat. Duane Harden) [Album Mix] (提供)
8.Fibreglasses (提供)
9.Orleans (feat. Lisa Gerrard) (提供)
10.Motion (feat. Paul Aiden) (提供)
11.No More I Sleep (feat. Senadee) [Disco Citizens Rockin Album Mix] (提供)
12.Photograph (feat. Christian Burns) (提供)
Ibiza EP 英文
1.Ibiza Strings (提供)2.Ibiza Bleeps (提供)
Thousand Mile Stare 英文
1.Hljóp (提供)
2.The Nothing Song (提供)
3.Windbreaks (提供)
4.Thousand Mile Stare (提供)
5.Playing Fields
6.Sólarupprás (提供)
7.Going Deep (Moogmonkey Rework Mix) (提供)
8.Goldfish (提供)
9.Flotsum & Jetsum (提供)
10.Super Mouflon (提供)
11.Going Deep
12.Fin Des Jours (提供)
Somersault 英文
1.Stoned In Love
2.Come Tomorrow
5.U R Always (提供)
6.Arizona (提供)
7.Turning Corners
8.Far Away from You
9.Way I'm Feelin (提供)
10.Time of Your Life
Behind The Sun 英文
2.Autumn Tactics
3.No Ordinary Morning
4.Don't Give Up
5.Overture (提供)
6.Low Sun (提供)
8.Overlap (提供)
9.Andromeda (提供)
Re-work 英文
Giants 英文
1.So Far Out To Sea
2.Where Do I Start?
3.From Where I Stand
4.What Am I Doing Here (Part 2)
5.Titles (提供)
6.Barefoot (提供)
8.What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1)
9.Giants (提供)
10.Poppiholla (5am) (提供)
11.Come Back
12.Hiding All The Stars
Behind The Sun (Remastered) 英文
1.No Ordinary Morning - Remastered
2.Autumn Tactics - Remastered
3.Saltwater (Thrillseekers Mix) (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.Way I'm Feeling
2.Love On the Run (Radio Edit)
3.Strong in Love
4.Offshore '97
5.Love On The Run
7.Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
8.Middledistancerunner (DC Rework Remix)
9.What Am I Doing Here
11.La Fonderie
12.East Side Story
13.Bruised Water
14.Oxygen - Sunrise Edit
15.Autumn Tactics [Mix Cut] - The Thrillseekers Remix
16.Low Sun (Remastered)
17.Overlap (Remastered)
18.Spirit (Chicane Rework Mix)
19.Wake Up
20.Middledistancerunner ft. Adam Young - Disco Citizens Rework Edit
21.Autumn Tactics (Chicane's End of Summer Remix Edit)
22.Middledistancerunner (Radio Edit)
23.What Am I Doing Here?, Pt. 1
24.Love On the Run (Single Edit)
25.No More I Sleep (Westfunk Remix)
26.No Ordinary Morning (The Original Hit Recording)
27.Offshore 2007 (Original Mix)
28.Don't Give Up (Disco Citizens vs. Tomski remix)
29.Autumn Tactics (Chicane's End of Summer remix)
30.Don't Give Up (Johnny Vicious club mix)
31.Offshore (Original)
32.Saltwater (radio edit)
33.Stoned In Love (Commercial 12' Mix)
34.Saltwater (Jerome Isma-Ae remix)
35.Come Tomorrow (Radio Edit)
36.Where Do I Start (disco Citizens edit)
37.Bruised Water (Michael Wood's Instrumental)
38.Where Do I Start (Armin van Buuren Edit)
39.One Thousand Suns (Soundprank vocal edit)
40.Stoned In Love (Radio Edit)
41.Offshore (Radio Edit) (Trance Top 1000 Classic)
42.No More I Sleep - Disco Citizens Rockin' Mix
43.No More I Sleep (Disco Citizens Rockin Album mix)
44.No More I Sleep
45.No More I Sleep (Antillas & Dankann Radio Edit)
46.No More I Sleep - Radio Edit
47.No More I Sleep - Antillas & Dankann Remix
48.Don't Give It Up

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