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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Charlie Parr
Charlie Parr【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 99 首歌 】
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Stumpjumper 英文
1.Evil Companion (提供)
2.Frank Miller Blues (提供)
3.Temperance River Blues (提供)
4.Stumpjumper (提供)
5.Resurrection (提供)
6.Over the Red Cedar (提供)
7.On Marrying a Woman with an Uncontrollable Temper (提供)
8.Remember Me If I Forget (提供)
9.Falcon (提供)
10.Empty Out Your Pockets (提供)
11.Delia (提供)
Hollandale 英文
1.I Dreamed I Saw Paul Bunyan Last Night (提供)
2.Hollandale (提供)
3.I Dreamed I Saw Paul Bunyan Last Night (Pt. 2) (提供)
4.Barn Swallows At Twilight (提供)
5.Clearlake (提供)
Barnswallow 英文
1.Jimmy Bell (提供)
2.Nowhere…Fast (提供)
3.My Wife Left Me (提供)
4.Motorcycle Blues (提供)
6.Groundhog Day Blues (提供)
7.Henry Goes to the Bank (提供)
8.True Friends (提供)
9.Jesus is a Hobo (提供)
10.Rattlesnake (提供)
Keep Your Hands on the Plow 英文
1.Gospel Plow (Feat. Emily Parr) (提供)
2.Daniel in the Lion's Den (Feat. Emily Parr) (提供)
3.Jesus Met the Woman At the Well (Feat. Emily Parr & Four Mile Portage) (提供)
4.All the Good Times Are Past and Gone (Feat. Emily Parr & Four Mile Portage) (提供)
5.God Moves On the Water (Feat. Emily Parr & Four Mile Portage) (提供)
6.East Virginia Blues (Feat. Four Mile Portage, Alan Sparhawk) (提供)
7.Blessed Be the Name (Feat. Emily Parr & Alan Sparhawk) (提供)
8.When First Unto This Country (提供)
9.Who Will Deliver Poor Me? (Feat. Emily Parr) (提供)
10.Farther Along (Feat. Emily Parr & Alan Sparhawk) (提供)
11.Poor Lazarus (Feat. Alan Sparkhawk & Mimi Parker) (提供)
12.Charlie Parr (提供)
When The Devil Goes Blind 英文
1.Where You Gonna Be (When The Good Lord Calls You Home)
2.For The Drunkard's Mother (提供)
3.I Dreamed I Saw Jesse James Last Night
4.South Of Austin, North Of Lyle (提供)
5.Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down (提供)
7.Up Country Blues (提供)
8.Mastodon (提供)
9.I Was Lost Last Night (提供)
10.Turpentine Farm (提供)
11.Last Day (提供)
Roustabout 英文
1.Far Cry from Fargo (提供)
2.Don't Send Your Child to War (提供)
3.Walk Around My Bedside (提供)
4.Warmin' By the Devil's Fire (提供)
5.Midnight Has Come & Gone
6.Come Along & See (提供)
7.Adrift in Lake Superior At Sunrise (提供)
8.Cropduster (提供)
9.Last Payday At Coal Creek (提供)
10.The B&J Ain't Nothin' But a Hole in the Ground (提供)
11.Farmer (提供)
12.God Moves On the Water
Jubilee 英文
1.Jubilee (提供)
2.Coffee's Gone Cold (提供)
3.Just Like Today (提供)
4.99 Year Blues (提供)
5.Riding Mower Blues (提供)
6.33 & 67 (提供)
7.V8 Ford Blues (提供)
8.Twenty-Nine (提供)
9.You Can't Win (提供)
10.Stingray (提供)
11.Jesus on the Mainline (提供)
12.Last Freight Out of Asheville (提供)
King Earl 英文
1.Posessed By the Devil (提供)
2.Worried Blues (提供)
3.Union Tramp (提供)
4.Reverend Eviction's Blues (提供)
5.Miner's Lament (提供)
6.V8 Ford Blues Pt 2 (提供)
7.King Earl (提供)
8.Ode to a New Dealer (提供)
9.Mule Rider (提供)
10.1917 (提供)
11.Jefferson Street Express (提供)
12.West Bank 10 Street Rag (提供)
1922 英文
1.Westbound Rattler (提供)
2.Migrant Boxcar Train (提供)
3.1922 Blues
4.Louis Collins (提供)
5.Mahtowa Stomp (提供)
6.I Wish I Were A Mole In The Ground (提供)
7.To A Scrapyard Bus Stop
8.Wreck Of The Bernard K. (提供)
9.Funeral Road Blues (提供)
10.Hogkill Blues (提供)
11.Jesus At The Kenmore (提供)
12.Wild Bill Jones (提供)
13.Bonneville (提供)
14.1922 Blues (Live)

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