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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Charlie Landsborough
Charlie Landsborough【 共收藏 22 張專輯, 148 首歌 】
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Selected Studio Recordings 英文
1.Come Next Year
Heart and Soul 英文
1.Not A Day Goes By
A Portrait of Charlie Landsborough: The Ultimate Collection 英文
1.Love Love
2.Always On My Mind
3.What'll I Do
Smile 英文
1.Gone, But I Can't Let You Go
2.After All These Years
3.Getting Out
4.Peace Of Mind
5.Silver Of My Tears
6.When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Movin' On 英文
2.I Wish It Was Me
3.If Only I Had Wings
4.Like Rain
5.Long And Heavy Chain
6.Passing Through
9.Too Good To Last
10.Your Eyes
Once in a While 英文
2.Love Me
3.Once In A While
Still Can't Say Goodbye 英文
1.Angels With One Wing
2.Blue Umbrella
3.I Still Can't Say Goodbye
4.I've Been Rained On Too
5.It'll Be Her
6.Like I Used To Do
7.Muddy Roads
8.When I'm Dead And Gone
9.Why Worry
Further Down The Road 英文
1.Oh, Nancy
With You In Mind 英文
1.Heaven Knows
2.I Say You
3.Irish Waltz
4.Shine Your Light
What Colour Is The Wind 英文
1.A Dream Or Two
2.Dance With Me
3.Once Bitten Twice Shy
4.Song Of The Ocean
5.Throw Me Away
6.When The Counting's Done
Songs From the Heart 英文
1.I Cried
3.Lovers Chain
4.One More Time
5.Song Of My Heart
6.Still Blue
7.You And Me
With You In Mind/further Down The Road 英文
1.Now Do You Do Those Things
2.Irish Waltz
3.You Stand All Alone
4.Green Hills Are Rolling Still
5.Heaven Knows
6.Love You Every Second
7.I Want Someone Who Will Love Me
Under Blue Skies 英文
1.When You're Not a Dream (Live)
2.Little Bit of Heaven (Live)
3.Down to Earth (Live)
4.Counterfeit Man (Live)
5.Who Can Blame Him (Live)
6.No Time At All (Live)
7.You're Still Around (Live)
8.Isle of Innisfree (Live)
9.Early Morning Rain (提供)
The Very Best of Charlie Landsborough 英文
1.You're Still Around
2.Early Morning Rain (提供)
3.Heaven Knows
4.One More Time
5.Shine Your Light
6.Love Love
7.My Forever Friend (提供)
8.A Million Ways to Fall
9.The Mountains of Mourne
10.Things That My Ears Can Do
11.Further Down the Road
12.What Colour Is the Wind
13.When the Counting's Done
14.Love You Every Second
The Storyteller / Collector's Items 英文
1.You're Still Around (Live In Southport)
2.Down to Earth (Live In Southport)
3.No Time At All (Live In Southport)
4.Come Next Year
5.There You Are
6.Love You Every Second
The Collection 英文
1.Down to Earth
2.Isle of Innisfree
3.You and Me
4.Funny Way to Say Goodbye
5.Still Blue
6.No Time at All
8.Fireside Dreaming
9.Throw Me Away
Reflections 英文
1.Walking on My Memories
2.It'll Be Her
3.Heaven Knows
4.Angels With One Wing
5.Why Worry
6.One True Love
7.I Want Someone Who Will Love Me
8.If Only
9.Lovers Chain
10.Love You Every Second
My Heart Would Know 英文
2.My Heart Would Know
3.I Am Red
4.Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again
Live From Dublin 英文
1.The Isle Of Innisfree
Classic Doubles (disc 2) 英文
1.God Knocking on Your Door
2.There You Are
3.How Can You Buy Killarney
4.To Each His Own
6.You Belong to Me (提供)
7.Heaven Knows
A Portrait of Charlie Landsborough 英文
1.In the Bleak Mid-Winter
2.Heaven Knows
4.If You Could Read My Mind
5.Fields of Gold
6.Gasoline Alley
9.Everytime We Say Goodbye
10.Love You Every Second
11.Part of Me (提供)
12.Raining in My Heart
13.The Twelfth of Never
14.The Green Hills Are Rolling Still
15.I Dreamed I Was in Heaven
16.Counterfeit Man
17.I Will Love You All My Life (提供)
18.Takin' My Time
19.Why Worry
暫存 英文
1.The Blue Bell Man
2.Royal Telephone
3.How Do You Do Those Things
4.It'™s Raining Outside
5.The Isle of Innisfree (Live)
6.Silent Night
7.Heaven Knows [live]
8.Further Down The Road [live]
9.Shine Your Light [live]
10.Take These Chains
11.Another Dream of You

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