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查理·弗蘭克·普萊德(Charley Frank Pride)(生於1934年3月18日)是美國鄉村音樂歌手,音樂家/吉他手,錄音藝術家,表演者,企業主和前棒球運動員。 他最偉大的音樂成就出現在20世紀70年代中期,當時他成為自從貓王(Elvis Presley)以來最出色的RCA唱片公司。 在他的錄音生涯的高峰期(1966 - 87年),他贏得了Billboard Hot Country Songs排行榜的52首十大熱門單曲,其中29首榜首。 他曾與鄉村音樂明星布拉德·佩斯利(Brad Paisley)共同出演過2016年CMA大獎。

Pride是少數非洲裔美國人在鄉村音樂產業取得相當大的成功之一,也是僅有的三位(與DeFord Bailey和Darius Rucker一起)被引薦為Grand Ole Opry的成員之一。 他於2000年入選鄉村音樂名人堂。
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There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me 英文
1.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
2.Honky Tonk Blues
3.Mansion On The Hill
4.Moanin' The Blues
5.My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
6.There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me
7.Why Don't You Love Me
Someone Loves You Honey 英文
1.Someone Loves You Honey
2.Daydreams About Night Things
3.Days Of Sand And Shovels
4.I'm Never Leavin' You
5.Play Guitar Play
Burgers And Fries 英文
1.Burgers And Fries
2.Best In The World
3.You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back In Your Hands)
Charley 英文
1.Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)2.I Ain't All Bad
Country Feelin 英文
1.All His Children
2.I Don't See How I Can Love You Anymore
3.Man I Used To Be
4.Singin' A Song About Love
5.Streets Of Gold
Sweet Country 英文
1.I'm Learning To Love Her
2.A Shoulder to Cry On
3.Shoulder To Cry On
4.Along The Mississippi
5.Just To Be Loved By You
6.Shelter Of Your Eyes
7.Tennessee Girl
Amazing Love 英文
1.Comin' Down With Love
2.If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
3.Old Photographs
Songs Of Love By Charley Pride 英文
1.She's Too Good to Be True
2.She's That Kind
3.Give A Lonely Heart A Home
4.Good Hearted Woman
5.I Love You More In Memory
6.One Of These Days
7.Too Weak To Let You Go
8.You Were All The Good In Me
A Sunshiny Day With Charley Pride 英文
1.It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer
2.When The Trains Come In
3.Back To The Country Roads
4.Put Back My Ring On Your Hand
5.Seven Years With A Wonderful Woman
6.You're Wanting Me To Stop Loving You
I'm Just Me 英文
1.In My World You Don't Belong
2.On The Southbound
3.That's My Way
Did You Think To Pray 英文
1.Let Me Live2.Did You Think to Pray
Charley Pride Sings Heart Songs 英文
1.Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'
2.Jeannie Norman
3.What Money Can't Buy
To All My Wonderful Fans From Me To You 英文
1.Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
2.I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
3.Fifteen Years Ago
Just Plain Charley 英文
1.I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again (1969)
2.Gone Gone Gone
3.If You'd Have Only Taken The Time
4.It's All Right
5.Me And Bobby Mcgee
Charley Pride's 10th Album 英文
1.Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone
2.Able Bodied Man
3.I Think I'll Take A Walk
4.Things Are Looking Up
In Person 英文
1.Shutters And Boards2.Lovesick Blues
Songs Of Pride...Charley That Is 英文
1.Both Of Us Love You
2.Day You Stop Loving Me
3.Right To Do Wrong
4.She Made Me Go
5.Someday You Will
Make Mine Country 英文
1.A Word Or Two To Mary
2.Now I Can Live Again
3.Wings Of A Dove
The Pride Of Country Music 英文
1.Just Between You and Me
2.Apartment No.9
3.Best Banjo Picker
4.I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be
5.In The Middle Of Nowhere
6.Take Me Home
The Country Way 英文
1.Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry
2.Crystal Chandeliers
3.Gone On The Other Hand
4.I'll Wander Back To You
5.Mama Don't Cry For Me
Country 英文
1.The Snakes Crawl At Night
2.Before I Met You
3.Got Leavin' On Her Mind
4.Yonder Comes A Sucker
The Best of Charlie Pride (Remastered) 英文
1.Oklahoma Morning (Remastered)
2.Shutters and Boards (Remastered)
3.Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town (Remastered)
4.Help Me Make It Through the Night (Remastered)
5.All I Have To Offer You Is Me (Remastered)
6.There Goes My Everything (Remastered)
7.Louisiana Man (Remastered)
8.My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You (Remastered)
9.Lovesick Blues (Remastered)
10.Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger (Remastered)
11.Crystal Chandeliers (Remastered)
12.Let Me Live In the Light of His love (Remastered)
Stages 英文
1.Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town - Live
2.It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer (Live)
3.Shutters and Boards (Live)
Happy Christmas Day 英文
1.Christmas In My Home Town
2.Little Drummer Boy
3.Happy Christmas Day
4.O Holy Night
Country Charley (Live) 英文
1.It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer (Live)
2.The Happiness of Having You (Live)
3.Let Me Live In The Light Of His Love (Live)
4.Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town (Live)
5.Shutters and Boards (Live)
Choices 英文
1.America The Great (提供)
2.Cajun Party Time (提供)
3.Except For You
4.Guntersville Gazette (提供)
5.Hickory Hollow Times & County News
6.I Miss My Home
7.Maybe Love Will Save The Day
8.Resting Place (提供)
9.The Bottom Line (提供)
10.The Choices She Made
11.This Bed's Not Big Enough
12.You Can't Sit Still
13.You Touched My Life
Charley Pride's Country (disc 3) 英文
1.Love Put a Song in My Heart
2.Before the Next Teardrop Falls
4.Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
5.Mississippi Cotton-Pickin' Delta Town
Anthology 英文
1.Let The Chips Fall - Digitally Remastered
2.She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory
3.I'll Be Leaving Alone
4.Roll On Mississippi
5.Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)
6.Hope You're Feelin' Me
7.Just Between You and Me
8.Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
9.Don't Fight the Feelings of Love
10.When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone)
11.Where Do I Put Her Memory
12.Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town
13.Amazing Love
14.Kaw-Liga (Live)
15.It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer
16.You Win Again
17.I Ain't All Bad
18.Before I Met You
19.I Know One
20.The Day the World Stood Still
21.The Easy Part's Over
22.Did You Think to Pray
23.She's Too Good to Be True
24.Let the Chips Fall
暫存 英文
1.Never More Than I
2.Completely Helpless
3.oes Your Ring Hurt Your Finger (1967)
4.Amy's Eyes (1990)
5.Easy Part's Over (1968)
6.Just Between You And Me (1967)
7.Oklahoma Morning
8.I Know One (1967)
9.Burger And Fries (1978)
10.Is Anybody Going To San Antone (1970)
11.Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town (1974)
12.Church In The Wildwood (1971)
13.All I Have to Offer You Is Me
14.This Is My Year for Mexico
15.She's Still Got A Hold On You
16.Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger
17.Banks Of The Ohio
18.My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You
19.A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About
20.I'm Building Bridges
21.The Hunger
22.Mountain of Love
23.We Could
24.Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta
25.Is Anybody Going To San Antone
26.Why Baby Why
27.She's Just an Old Love Turned Memory
28.Down On the Farm
29.Atlantic Coastal Line
30.Hello Darlin'
31.I'll Fly Away
32.Is Anybody Going To San Antone (Live)
34.Don't Fight the Feelin's of Love
35.You're My Jamaica
36.Spell Of The Freight Train
37.Last Thing On My Mind
38.Missin' You
39.Jesus, It's Me Again
40.I'm Just Me
41.Help Me Make It Through The Night (Live)
42.It's The Little Things
43.Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
44.Guess Things Happen That Way
45.Crystal Chandiliers
47.Act Naturally
48.More to Me
49.I don't think She's in love anymore
50.Detroit City
51.Never Been So Loved (In All My Life)
52.Then Who Am I
53.Kiss An Angel Good Morning - Digitally Remastered
54.I'd Rather Love You
55.I'm So Afraid of Losing You Again
56.Apartment #9
57.You're so Good When You're Bad
58.Distant Drums
59.You Almost Slipped My Mind
60.Night Games
62.Through The Years
63.The Power of Love
64.In Jesus' Name I Pray
65.Little Delta Church
66.Whole Lotta Things to Sing About
67.The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
68.New Patches
69.All by My Lonesome
70.Heaven Help Us All
71.I Love You Because

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