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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Down & Dirty( Down and Dirty )
Down & Dirty( Down and Dirty )【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 25 首歌 】
Down & Dirty
藝術生涯始於: 2013 年
成員: Wladek Yukhnel, Sergey Shtepa, Kirill Medvedov, Evgeniy Nozhechkin, Denis Stoff
專輯: Jamming at Lucifer's, Taste of Rock & Roll, Down to the Wire, Someday
類型: 藍調, 金屬蕊
所屬唱片公司: iMusician Digital, Down & Dirty
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Jamming At Lucifer's 英文
1.Jamming At Lucifer's
2.When I Think of You
3.A Shot of Blues
4.Quit Your Low Down Ways
5.Trouble Everywhere I Go
6.You and Me
7.Bad Luck Coming My Way
8.Black Cat Blues
9.P & a Boogie
10.All She Wants
Down to the Wire 英文
1.Alive Tonight (提供)
2.Everythings Shakin (提供)
3.Devil Inside (提供)
4.Get Lucky (提供)
5.Rain (提供)
6.Man of the Times (提供)
7.Liquid Romance (提供)
8.Diamonds (提供)
9.Trouble (提供)
10.Wicked Attitude (提供)
11.Bottom Line (提供)
暫存 英文
1.I Will Never Lose My Way
2.Move It
4.Heaven Sent

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