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Diamanda Galas( 迪安曼達·加拉斯 )【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 39 首歌 】
Diamanda Galás(生於1955年8月29日)是美國前衛女高音,作曲家,鋼琴家,風琴師,表演藝術家和畫家。

加拉斯被形容為“能夠引發最令人不安的聲音恐怖”。 她的作品主要集中在艾滋病,精神疾病,絕望,不公正,譴責和喪失尊嚴等話題上。 她與許多前衛作曲家合作過,包括Iannis Xenakis,Vinko Globokar和John Zorn,還與爵士音樂家Bobby Bradford和前Liber Zeppelin的貝司手John Paul Jones合作過。
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La Serpenta Canta 英文
1.Burning Hell (Live 2002)
2.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Live 2002)
3.Dancing In the Dark (Live1999)
4.At the Dark End of the Street (Live 2002)
5.I Put a Spell On You (Live 2002)
6.My World Is Empty Without You (Live 2001)
7.Frenzy (Live 2002)
8.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Live 2002)
9.Baby's Insane (Live 2001)
The Singer 英文
1.My Love Will Never Die (Live)
2.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Live)
3.Let My People Go (Live)
4.I Put a Spell On You (Live)
5.Insane Asylum (Live)
6.Balm In Gilead / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Live)
7.Gloomy Sunday (Live) (提供)
8.Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (Live)
9.Reap What You Sow (Live)
10.Judgement Day (Live)
Saint Of The Pit 英文
1.Artemis (提供)
2.Blind Man's Cry (提供)
3.Heauton Timoroumenos (Self Tormentor) (提供)
4.La Trezième Revient (The Thirteenth Returns) (提供)
5.???????? (Deliver Me) (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Wild Women With Steak-Knives (The Homocidal Love Song for Solo Scream)
2.Thrill Is Gone, The
3.Iron Lady
4.I Wake Up and See the Face of the Devil
5.I Wake Up and I See the Face of the Devil
6.Smell - Live
7.Dark End of the Street
9.A Soul That's Been Abused
10.Down So Low
12.Let My People Go
14.You Must Be Certain of the Devil
15.You're Mine

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