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David Hasselhoff( 大衛·赫索霍夫 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 199 首歌 】
大衛·麥可·赫索霍夫(英語:David Michael Hasselhoff;1952年7月17日-),出生於美國巴的摩爾的德國裔演員,綽號「霍夫」(The Hoff)。最著名的演出是《霹靂遊俠》(Knight Rider)與《霹靂游龍/海灘遊俠》(Baywatch)。

除了戲劇之外,他也跨足音樂界,主要是在奧地利、瑞士與德國,其中〈尋找自由〉(Looking for Freedom)便在柏林圍牆倒塌其間在德國很受歡迎。隨後,他在1989年除夕夜登上柏林圍牆演唱此曲。

大衛·麥可·赫索霍夫有時候會在電影或電視劇中扮演他自己,例如《鐵男躲避球》(Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story)與《海綿寶寶》(SpongeBob SquarePants)。

1984年3月24日,赫索霍夫與凱薩琳·希克蘭(Catherine Hickland)結婚,於1989年3月1日離婚。凱薩琳·希克蘭亦曾參與《霹靂遊俠》的演出,在劇中嫁給了赫索霍夫飾演的李麥克(Michael Knight)。凱薩琳·希克蘭參與演出霹靂遊俠的劇情單元為〈俠士行〉(White Bird)、〈重懷舊夢〉(Let It Be Me)以及〈遊俠的憤怒〉(The Scent of Roses)3集。




『霹靂遊俠李麥克 大衛漢索霍夫-遊俠情歌簿』(David Hasselhoff - Sings America)
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A Real Good Feeling 英文
1.Heartbreak Cafe (提供)
2.This Time Around (提供)
3.Das Cafe An Der Seine (Heartbreak Cafe) (提供)
4.I'll Be Here With You (提供)
5.It's A Real Good Feeling - Malibu Mix (提供)
6.Keep My Dream Alive (提供)
7.Lonely Days & Lonely Nights
8.You Are A Hero
9.Like The Seven Seas (提供)
10.Pina Colada Girl
11.It's A Real Good Feeling
12.Hey, We Wanna Rock The World (提供)
13.Wir Zwei Allein
Sings America 英文
1.Blue Bayou
2.Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
3.America (提供)
4.These Boots Are Made For Walking
5.La Isla Bonita
6.Country Roads
7.Amazing Graze
8.Love Me Tender
9.City of New Orleans
10.Forever In Blue Jeans
11.California Dreaming
12.Rhinestone Cowboy
13.California Girls
Is Everybody Happy 英文
1.Are You Still In Love With Me
3.Do The Limbo Dance
4.Feeling So High
5.Foolish Lullaby
6.Gipsy Girl
7.I Feel Your Love In The Air
8.Summer In The City
9.Taylor Ann
10.The Wilder Side Of You
11.Crazy For You
12.Let's Dance Tonight
You Are Everything 英文
1.A Star Looks Down Tonight
2.Caribbean Partytime
3.Current Of Love (Song From 'Baywatch'')
4.Dance Dance D'amour
5.Give Me Something Real
6.Highway To Your Heart
7.Hot Shot City
8.If I Could Only Say Goodbye
9.Miracle Of Love
10.San Pedro's Children
11.Sunday Dreaming
12.The Best Is Yet to Come
13.Tighter And Tighter
14.Until The Last Teardrop Falls
15.You Are Everything
Crazy For You 英文
1.Crazy For You
2.Freedom For The World
3.I Wanna Move To The Beat Of Your Heart
4.Keep The Jungle Alive
5.Kiss In The Night
6.Let's Dance Tonight
7.Let's Spend The Night Together
8.Lights In The Darkness
9.One And One Make Three
11.September Love
12.Was It Real Love
Looking For Freedom 英文
1.Is Everybody Happy
2.Looking For Freedom
3.After Manana Mi Ciello
4.Amore Amore
6.Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness
7.Je T'aime Means I Love You
9.Lonely Is The Night
10.Sheltered Heart
11.Song Of The Night
12.Torero - Te Quiero
13.Yesterday's Love
Night Rider 英文
1.All The Right Moves
2.Any Kind Of Love At All
3.Crazy On A Saturday Night
4.Do You Love Me
5.Let It Be Me
6.Night Rocker
7.No Way To Be In Love
8.No Words For Love
9.Our First Night Together
10.She Cried
The Night Before Christmas 英文
1.O' Holy Night
2.White Christmas
3.Feliz Navidad
4.Silent Night
暫存1 英文
1.Stille Nacht
2.After You
3.Alive [jekyll & Hyde]
4.Always On My Mind
5.Au Ciel, Une Etoile ...
6.Back In The Ussr
7.Beach Baby
8.Blame It On The Night
9.Bless A Brand New Angel
10.Born To Be Wild
11.The Christmas Song
12.Close To Heaven
13.Confrontation [jekyll & Hyde]
14.Dangerous Game [jekyll & Hyde]
15.Dark Side of My Heart
16.Darling I Love You
17.Days Of Our Love
18.Do You Believe In Love
19.Do You Wanna Dance
21.Everybody Sunshine
22.Fallin' In Love
23.First Transformation [jekyll & Hyde]
24.Gimme Your Love
25.Go Away Little Girl
26.Hands Up For Rock'n Roll
27.Help A Friend
28.Heyla Heyla
29.Historia De Un Amor
30.Hold On My Love
31.Hooked On A Feeling
32.How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
33.How Deep Is Your Love
34.I Believe
35.If I Had One Wish [english Version]
36.I Live For Love
37.I'll Be The One
38.I Must Go On (with The Crew)
39.I'm Your Lover
40.In Stereo
41.i've Had The Time Of My Life
43.Joined At The Heart
44.Les Kids De Kitt
45.Life Is Mostly Beautiful With You
47.Live Until I Die
48.Lost In The Darkness
49.Lovin' Arms
50.Medley: She Cried - All The Right Moves - Our First Night Together
51.More Than Words Can Say
52.Murder, Murder (with The Crew)
53.Never My Love
54.Now There Is No Choice
57.Por Ti
58.Pursue The Truth (with The Crew)
59.Queen Of Rain
60.Rockin' The Night Away
61.Room In Your Heart
62.Santa Monica Nights
63.Save The World
64.Slow Night In The City
65.Somewhere In A Dream
66.Stand By Me
68.Summer Of Love
69.Take Me As I Am
70.The Girl Forever
71.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
72.These Lovin' Eyes
73.The Way Back
74.The Young And The Restless
75.This Is The Moment
76.Time For Lovin'
77.True Love Always
78.Try A Little Tenderness
79.Turn Me Inside Out
80.Unchain My Heart
81.Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi
82.What A Feeling
83.Where Was I ?
84.Who's Leaving Who
86.You're All I Want
87.Your Work And Nothing More
88.You've Lost That Lovin Feelin
89.Wir Zwei Allein Heut' Nacht
90.We Wish You A Merry Christmas
91.New York, New York
92.Jump In My Car
暫存 英文
1.Jingle Bells
2.I'm Always Here
3.I'll Be There
4.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
5.Only by Design
6.True Survivor
7.True Survivor (From 'Kung Fury')
8.Hooked on a Feeling (radio mix)
9.Looking For Freedom 01 (Remix 2006)
10.Je T'Aime Means I Love You (Radio Version)
11.Looking for Freedom (maxi version)
12.Is Everybody Happy (Radio Edit)
13.It Feels So Right
14.Song of the Night (Fosco's Disco Remix Edit)
15.Flying On the Wings of Tenderness (Radio Version)

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