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David Bromberg【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 47 首歌 】
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Live in Utica '77 英文
1.Get Up and Go/Fiddle Tunes (提供)
2.Instrumental (提供)
3.Will Not Be Your Fool (提供)
4.Sharon (提供)
5.Summer Wages (提供)
6.Battle of Bull Run (提供)
7.Danger Man (提供)
8.Suffer to Sing the Blues (提供)
9.The Joke's on Me (提供)
10.Yankee's Revenge (提供)
11.The Jugband Song (提供)
12.Dark Hollow (提供)
13.The Viper (提供)
14.Sloppy Drunk (提供)
15.I Want to Go Home (提供)
Only Slightly Mad 英文
1.Last Date (提供)
2.Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Mornin' (提供)
3.Fields Have Turned Brown (提供)
4.Cattle in the Cane/Forked Deer/Monroe's Hornpipe (提供)
5.I'll Rise Again (提供)
6.World of Fools (提供)
7.You've Got to Mean It Too
8.Strongest Man Alive/Maydelle's Reel/Jenny's Chickens (提供)
9.Nobody's Fault But Mine
10.Keep On Drinkin' (提供)
11.Drivin' Wheel (提供)
12.I'll Take You Back (提供)
13.Strongest Man Alive
Use Me 英文
2.Ride On Out A Ways
3.Bring It With You When You Come
4.Blue Is Fallin'
5.You Don't Wanna Make Me Mad (提供)
6.Diggin' In The Deep Blue Sea
7.The Long Goodbye (提供)
8.Old Neighborhood
9.It's Just A Matter Of Time (提供)
10.Lookout Mountain Girl
11.Use Me
My Own House / You Should See the Rest of the Band 英文
1.Helpless Blues (Live)
2.As the Years Go Passing By (Live)
3.Solid Gone (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Helpless Blues
2.Spanish Johnny
3.The New Lee Highway
4.Mr. Blue (Remastered) (Live)
5.The New Lee Highway Blues (Remastered) (Live)

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