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Dave Dobbyn【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 108 首歌 】
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Anotherland 英文
1.At Light Speed (提供)
2.Anotherland (提供)
3.Crosstown Static (提供)
4.Only Love Remains (提供)
5.When The Water Runs Out (提供)
6.Wild Kisses Like Rain (提供)
7.Howling At The Moon (提供)
8.A Long Way Across Town (提供)
9.Deep Calling Deep (提供)
10.Hey Stranger (提供)
11.Instinct For The Blue (提供)
12.The Black Swing (提供)
13.Just What I Need (提供)
14.Be My Guiding Light (提供)
15.Miles And Miles (提供)
16.Arms Of Eternity (提供)
17.Camelot (提供)
FooTrot Flats - The Dog's Tale (Motion Picture Soundtrack) 英文
1.Footrot Mornin' (提供)
2.Let's Get Canine (提供)
3.I Dream Of Rugby (提供)
4.Satdy Arvo (提供)
5.Horses Beat (提供)
6.You Oughta Be In Love
7.Vernon The Vermin (提供)
8.C***h (提供)
9.Nuclear Waste (提供)
10.Blackwater (提供)
11.Lost At Sea (提供)
12.Top Dog (提供)
13.You Oughta Be In Love (P-Money Remix) (提供)
Available Light 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Welcome Home
3.Let That River Go (提供)
4.Pour The Wine (提供)
5.Roll Away (提供)
6.Outrageous Design (提供)
7.Accustomed To The Light (提供)
8.And You Will Lose Everything (提供)
9.It's The Truth (提供)
10.Forgiveness (提供)
11.Free The People (提供)
12.Keeping The Flame (提供)
13.You Got Heart (提供)
14.Drink The River (提供)
15.Outro (提供)
Hopetown 英文
1.Just Add Water (Live) (提供)
2.Alive On Arrival (提供)
3.Feel Someone Else's Pain (提供)
4.A Bridge On Fire (提供)
5.Name Of Love (提供)
6.Angels (提供)
7.Background Love (提供)
8.I Am I Am (提供)
9.She Rocks (提供)
10.My Kinda People (提供)
11.Hopetown Bridge (提供)
12.Kingdom Come (提供)
13.Love Like The Moon (提供)
Overnight Success 英文
1.Be Mine Tonight
2.Devil You Know
3.Outlook For Thursday
7.Slice Of Heaven
8.Oughta Be In Love
10.Love You Like I Should
11.Belle Of The Ball
12.Lament For The Numb
14.Naked Flame
15.Hanging In The Wire
16.Beside You
17.Hallelujah Song
18.Madeleine Avenue (提供)
The Islander 英文
2.Mobile Home (提供)
3.Be Set Free (提供)
4.Blindman's Bend (提供)
5.Standing Outside (提供)
6.What Have I Fallen For (提供)
7.I Never Left You (提供)
8.Keep A Light On (提供)
9.Hands (提供)
10.One Proud Minute (提供)
11.Halleujah Song (提供)
Twist 英文
1.Lap Of The Gods
2.P.C. (提供)
3.It Dawned On Me (提供)
4.Protection (提供)
5.What Do You Really Want (提供)
6.Gifted (提供)
7.Betrayal (提供)
8.Umm (提供)
9.Rain On Fire (提供)
10.I Can't Change My Name (提供)
Lament For The Numb 英文
1.Falling Off A Log (提供)
2.The Expert (提供)
3.Palace (提供)
4.Bring The House Down (提供)
5.Buried In The Backyard (提供)
6.Maybe The Rain (提供)
7.Belltower (提供)
8.Love Over All (提供)
9.Don't Hold Your Breath (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Angelina2.The Devil You Know

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