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Ezra Furman( 以斯拉·富文 )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 75 首歌 】
埃茲拉弗曼(生於1986年9月5日)是美國音樂家和歌曲作者。 弗曼目前正在與他的樂隊The Visions一起進行獨奏和巡演。
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Big Fugitive Life (EP) 英文
1.Teddy I'm Ready
2.Halley's Comet (提供)
3.Little Piece of Trash (提供)
5.Splash of Light (提供)
6.The Refugee (提供)
Perpetual Motion People 英文
1.Restless Year
2.Lousy Connection
3.Hark! to the Music
4.Haunted Head
5.Hour of Deepest Need
7.Ordinary Life
8.Tip of a Match
9.Body Was Made
10.Watch You Go By
11.Pot Holes
12.Can I Sleep in Your Brain
13.One Day I Will Sin No More
The Year of No Returning 英文
1.Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
2.American Soil
3.Lay in the Sun
4.Sinking Slow
5.That's When It Hit Me
7.Cruel Cruel World
8.Are You Gonna Break My Heart?
9.Bad Man
10.The Queen of Hearts
Mysterious Power 英文
1.Wild Rosemarie (提供)
2.I Killed Myself But I Didn't Die
3.Hard Time In A Terrible Land
4.Mysterious Power
5.Teenage Wasteland (提供)
6.Bloodsucking Whore (提供)
7.Don't Turn Your Back On Love (提供)
8.Portrait Of Maud (提供)
9.Fall In Love With My World (提供)
10.Too Strung Out (提供)
11.Heaven At The Drive-In (提供)
12.Wild Feeling (提供)
Inside the Human Body 英文
1.We Should Fight
2.The Moon
3.Springfield, IL
4.The World Is Alive
5.The Worm in the Apple
6.If I Was a Baby
7.Big Deal
8.The Faceless Boy
9.The Dishwasher
10.The Stakes Are High
11.Take Off Your Sunglasses
12.Weak Knees
Daytrotter Session 英文
1.Take Off Your Sunglasses
2.The Faceless Boy
3.The Moon
Banging Down The Doors 英文
1.Mother's Day
2.I Dreamed Of Moses
3.She's All I Got Left
4.My Soul Has Escaped From My Body
5.The Little Red-Haired Girl
6.Halloween Snow
7.Hotel Room In Casablanca
8.God Is A Middle-Aged Woman
9.American Highway
10.I Wanna Be Ignored
11.I Wanna Be A Sheep
12.How Long, Diana?
13.Lydia Sherman
暫存 英文
1.Caroline Jones
2.Haley's Comet
3.Love You So Bad
4.Driving Down to L.A
5.Day of the Dog
6.At the Bottom of the Ocean

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