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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra
Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 49 首歌 】
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No Place to Go 英文
1.Place to Go (feat. Spiel) (提供)
2.Final Sandwich 1 (提供)
3.If You Pay (提供)
4.An Only Man (提供)
5.Shitstorm (提供)
6.Aging Middle-Class Parents (提供)
7.Incorporate (提供)
8.Wpa (提供)
9.Mighty Mensch (提供)
10.Final Sandwich 2 (提供)
11.Soccer Song (提供)
12.Three-Tear Plan (提供)
13.Final Sandwich 3 (提供)
14.Nothing But a Comeback (提供)
15.Thank You (Financial Crisis Blues) (提供)
Honker 英文
1.Bicycle (提供)
2.Skyrocketed (提供)
3.I'm Sorry (提供)
4.You Were Right & It's Okay (提供)
5.Little Container (提供)
6.Showing My Love (提供)
7.We Would Have Never Met (提供)
8.Poor Old Whitey (提供)
9.My Pit Bull (提供)
10.Disappointment (提供)
11.Wonderful (提供)
12.First Moved to Town (提供)
13.Out of this Bed (提供)
14.He Gets It (提供)
15.Wash Hands (提供)
Mr. Softy 英文
1.Old People Don't Whisper (提供)
2.Bossy Man (提供)
3.Hit It (提供)
4.Girl from the Renaissance Faire (提供)
5.You Knocked Me Down #1 (提供)
6.You Knocked Me Down #2 (提供)
7.Bug (提供)
8.Thrift Store Blues (提供)
9.For the Last Time (提供)
10.In My Car Again (提供)
11.The Flora and the Fauna (提供)
12.If Devils Can Slow Dance (提供)
13.Cat Don't Know (提供)
14.Place to Go (提供)
15.Sweet & Understanding (提供)
16.Dragon (提供)
17.Pirates of the Heart (提供)
18.Winter (提供)
19.True Delicious (提供)

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