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Eddie Meduza【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 98 首歌 】
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You Ain't My Friend 英文
1.Little Rag-Doll
2.Crying In My Pillow
3.Oh, Gabrielle
The Roaring Cadillac's Live 英文
1.Rockin' all over the world
2.Sweet little rockn'n roller
3.Summertime blues
4.Little Queenie
5.I hear you knocking
Silver Wheels 英文
1.Silver Wheels
3.Keep On Rolling
5.Baby Do You Love Me
6.Here Comes the Rain Again
Scoop 英文
1.Tonight You're Gonna Break My Heart
2.On the Road Again
3.Route 66
4.Every Little Piece
5.American Truck
Rock'n Rebel 英文
1.Aimin' at Your Heart
2.Cherokee Indians
3.I've Gott'a Move
Just Like An Eagle 英文
1.Oh Pauline
2.The Man In The Sky
3.Jaqueline, Jaqueline
4.Just Like An Eagle
5.If You Really Wanna Know
Harley Davidson 英文
1.Rollin' Down
2.Party Party
3.Never Leave
4.I'll Be Saved
5.Harley Davidson
6.I'm Not Gonna Fight
7.'Til the End of Time
Gasen i botten 英文
2.Teenage Love
3.Lonely Teardrops
5.Love You All Too Much
6.Jeany Jeany
Första försöken 英文
1.Oh Mari
2.I Wonder Why
3.In the Neighbourhood
Fortsättning följer 英文
1.Oh Pretty Salo
3.Keep on Loving You
4.Don't Go Down to Amsterdam
Eddie Meduza 英文
1.No One Else
2.Stupid Cupid
4.Take My Heart
5.California Sun
6.Get Around
Eddie Meduza & Roarin' Cadillacs 英文
1.Yea Yea Yea
2.Rocky Rocky
3.The King's Horses
4.Oh, What a Cadillac
5.Honey B
6.Goin' Back to Oklahoma
7.Demon in Your Heart
8.In the Middle of the Night
9.Love's on the Run
Alla tiders fyllekalas, volym 6 英文
1.Rolling Down The Highway
2.Saturday Night
3.I'm In Love For The Very First Time
Alla tiders fyllekalas, volym 15 英文
1.Let's Fall in Love
2.Come Give Me Your Loving
3.If I'm a Fool
Ain't Got No Cadillac 英文
1.Young girls and Cadillac cars
2.Red haired Lisa
3.No cruising in my car no more
4.There's nobody who wants my loving now
5.You're slowly slipping away from me
暫存 英文
2.Anytime at all - Insp. 1979
3.Walking With Marian
4.Still Walkin' the Line
5.Still Walking' the Line
6.Like a Cherokee
7.The Wanderer
8.Rocking in the kitchen
9.Oscars låt
10.I Don't Love You Any More
11.Dead Man's Curve
12.Roll over Beethoven
13.Mississippi way
15.Little brighteyed girl in blue jeans
16.Boogie Woogie man
17.Do the Hode
18.Arrivederci Napau
19.Guitar Johnny
20.Hey Miss Brown
21.Rock and Roll Time
22.Let Me In
23.I Don't Believe En Love No More
24.Sweet Sweet Marie
25.This Broken Heart

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