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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Frankie Goes to Hollywood【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 51 首歌 】
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Simply 英文
1.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (A Remade World)
2.Bang! (提供)
3.Ferry Cross The Mersey (And Here I'll Stay)
4.San Jose (The Way)
5.Relax (Sex Mix, Edition Two) (提供)
6.One September Monday (提供)
7.War (And Hide) (提供)
8.The Last Voice (提供)
9.Rage Hard (The Young Person's Guide To The 12 Inch) (提供)
10.Warriors of the Wasteland (Attack Mix) (提供)
11.Watusi Love Juicy
12.Watching The Wildlife (Movement 2)
13.Watching The Wildlife (Voiceless) (提供)
14.The World Is My Oyster (In Its 7” Form) (提供)
15.The Ballad Of 32 (Mix 2) (提供)
16.Do You Think I'm Sexy (提供)
17.Warriors Of Wasteland (Compacted) (提供)
18.Don't Lose What's Left Of Your Little Mind
19.One February Friday (提供)
20.Rage Hard (Voiceless)
Two Tribes 英文
1.Two Tribes (Annihilation)2.Two Tribes (Surrender)
Bang 英文
1.Black Night White Light
3.The Power of Love
4.Two Tribes
6.Welcome To The Pleasuredome
暫存 英文
1.Welcome To The Plesuredome
2.Born to run
3.For Heaven's Sake
4.Is Anybody Out There?
5.Kill the Pain
6.Krisco Kisses
7.Lunar Bay
8.Maximum Joy
9.One Night In Bangkok
10.Rage Hard
11.San Jose
12.Suffragette City
13.The Only Star in Heaven
14.War (Hidden)
15.Warriors Of The Wasteland
16.Watching The Wildlife
17.Wish (The Lads Were Here)
19.The World Is My Oyster (提供)
20.Ferry Cross The Mersey
22.Bang (提供)
23.Happy Hi

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