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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Gretchen Peters
Gretchen Peters【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 86 首歌 】
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The Essential Gretchen Peters 英文
1.The Aviator's Song
2.The Secret of Life (提供)
3.If Heaven (提供)
4.On a Bus to St. Cloud (提供)
5.Sunday Morning (Up and Down My Street) (提供)
6.Guadalupe (提供)
7.When You Love Someone (提供)
8.When You Are Old (提供)
9.The Way You Move Me (Demo)
10.Ring Around the Moon (Previously Unreleased) (提供)
11.Pretty Things (Radio Edit) (提供)
12.The Cruel Mother (提供)
13.Woman on the Wheel (Live) (提供)
14.When You Wish Upon a Star (提供)
15.I Saw Your Light (提供)
16.Love (提供)
17.The Chill of an Early Fall (Demo) (提供)
18.Independence Day (Acoustic Version) (提供)
19.Wild Horses (提供)
20.The Answer (Work Tape)
21.Blackbirds (Work Tape) (提供)
22.Five Minutes (Work Tape) (提供)
Blackbirds 英文
2.Pretty Things
3.When All You Got Is a Hammer
4.Everything Falls Away
5.The House On Auburn Street
6.When You Comin' Home
8.Black Ribbons
10.The Cure for the Pain
11.Blackbirds (Reprise)
Hello Cruel World 英文
1.Hello Cruel World
2.Saint Francis
3.The Matador
4.Dark Angel
5.Paradise Found
6.Woman On The Wheel
7.Five Minutes
9.Natural Disaster
11.Little World
Trio Live 英文
1.Museum (Live)
2.When You Are Old (Live)
3.American Tune (Live)
4.This Used to Be My Town (Live)
5.Over Africa (Live)
6.Revival (Live)
7.The Secret of Life (Live)
8.You Don't Even Know Who I Am (Live)
9.Main Street (Live)
10.Souvenirs (Live)
11.Like Water into Wine (Live)
12.Circus Girl (Live)
Northern Lights 英文
1.In The Bleak Midwinter
2.Careful How You Go
3.Northern Lights
4.Christmas Time Is Here
5.Silent Night
6.Song For A Winter's Night
7.Coventry Carol
8.I Wonder As I Wander
9.December Child
10.Charlie's Angels
11.Waitin On Mary
暫存 英文
1.Border Town
2.A Room With A View
3.To Say Goodbye
4.This Town
5.The Lady Of The House
8.Summer People
9.Snowin on Raton
10.If Heaven (Bonus Track)
11.On a Bus to St. Cloud (Bonus Track)
12.Independence Day (Bonus Track)
13.Don't You Know
14.Chill of an Early Fall
15.When All You Got Is a Hammer (Radio Edit)
17.A Cool Goodbye
18.In a Perfect World
19.Independence Day

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