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Gov't Mule( Govt Mule )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 229 首歌 】
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The Tel-Star Sessions 英文
1.Mr. Big2.World of Difference (Alternate Version) (提供)
Dark Side of the Mule 英文
1.Brighter Days
2.Breathe (In The Air) (提供)
3.On The Run (提供)
5.The Great Gig In The Sky
7.Comfortably Numb (提供)
8.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 6 u2013 9 (提供)
9.Wish You Were Here (提供)
10.Speak To Me (提供)
11.Have A Cigar
12.Bad Little Doggie
13.Brand New Angel
14.Gameface (提供)
15.Trane / Eternityu2019s Breath / St. Stephen Jam Monkey Hill Child Of The Earth Kind Of Bird (提供)
16.One Of These Days (提供)
18.Pigs On The Wing, Pt. 2
19.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1 - 5
20.Million Miles From Yesterday
Shout! 英文
1.World Boss
2.No Reward (提供)
3.Whisper In Your Soul
5.Scared To Live
6.Stoop So Low (提供)
7.Forsaken Savior
8.Done Got Wise (提供)
9.When The World Gets Small
10.Funny Little Tragedy
11.Bring On The Music
The Georgia Bootleg Box 英文
1.Mother Earth
2.John The Revelator
3.No Need To Suffer
4.Trane (提供)
5.Eternity's Breath Jam (提供)
6.Thelonius Beck (提供)
7.St. Stephen Jam (提供)
8.Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
9.Presence Of The Lord (提供)
10.Who Do You Love? (提供)
11.Goin' Out West (提供)
12.Spanish Moon
13.Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (提供)
14.Just Got Paid
15.The Same Thing (提供)
16.Young Man Blues (提供)
17.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
18.I Want You She's So Heavy Jam (提供)
19.She's Nineteen Years Old (提供)
By A Thread 英文
1.Broke Down On The Brazos
2.Steppin' Lightly
3.Railroad Boy
4.Monday Mourning Meltdown
5.Gordon James
6.Any Open Window
7.Frozen Fear
9.Inside Outside Woman Blues #3
10.Scenes From A Troubled Mind
11.World Wake Up
The Haunted Holy House 英文
1.Play With Fire
2.Time to Confess
3.Million Miles From Yesterday
4.Rocking Horse
5.Birth Of The Mule (提供)
6.Larger Than Life
7.Fallen Down
8.The Other One Jam (提供)
9.Blind Man In The Dark
10.The Song Remains The Same
11.The Rain Song
12.Over The Hills And Far Away
13.The Crunge
14.Dancing Days
15.Drums (提供)
16.D'yer Mak'er
17.No Quarter
18.The Ocean
19.Come On Into My Kitchen
20.32/20 Blues
21.Intro Jam (提供)
The Georgia Bootleg Box (Live) 英文
1.Blind Man In the Dark (Live from Athens 4/11/96)
2.Painted Silver Light (Live from Atlanta 4/12/96)
3.Don't Step On the Grass, Sam (Live from Atlanta 4/12/96)
4.Just Got Paid (Live from Atlanta 4/12/96)
5.Mother Earth (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
6.John the Revelator (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
7.Temporary Saint (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
8.Rocking Horse (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
9.Game Face (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
10.No Need to Suffer (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
11.Monkey Hill (Live from Macon 4/13/96)
12.Left Coast Groovies (Live from Athens 4/11/96)
13.Mule (Live from Athens 4/11/96)
The Deep End Volume 1 英文
1.Soulshine2.Soulshine [Live]
Mulennium 英文
1.21st Century Schiziod Man
2.Blues Alright (提供)
3.Dazed And Confused
4.End Of The Line
5.Helter Skelter
6.I Can't Quit You Baby
7.I Shall Be Released
8.It Hurts Me Too (提供)
9.It Is My Body? (提供)
10.Lay Your Burden Down
11.Life Before Insanity
12.Lump On Your Stump
13.My Dog And Me (提供)
14.Out Of The Rain
15.Power Of Soul (提供)
16.Simple Man
17.Sometimes Salvation
18.Towering Fool
19.We're Not Gonna Take It
20.When The Blues Comes Knockin' (提供)
Mulennium (Live) 英文
1.Bad Little Doggie (Live)
2.Out of the Rain (Live)
3.End of the Line (Live)
4.30 Days In the Hole (Live)
5.Sometimes Salvation (Live)
6.Helter Skelter (Live)
7.I Can't Quit You Baby (Live)
8.Lump On Your Stump (Live)
9.Dazed and Confused (Live)
10.I Shall Be Released (Live)
11.We're Not Gonna Take It (Live)
12.21st Century Schizoid Man (Live)
13.Towering Fool (Live)
14.Larger Than Life (Live)
15.Life Before Insanity (Live)
16.Blind Man In the Dark (Live)
17.Lay Your Burden Down (Live)
18.Simple Man (Live)
Live At Roseland Ballroom 英文
1.Temporary Saint (Live)
2.Painted Silver Light (Live)
3.Don't Step On the Grass, Sam (Live)
4.Mule (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Beautifully Broken
2.Tear Me Down
3.Fool's Moon
4.Little Toy Brain
5.Same Price
6.Lola Leave Your Light On
7.Lay of the Sunflower
8.Soulshine (w/ Dave Schools)
9.The Shape I'm In
10.Drivin' Rain
11.Grinnin' In Your Face
12.I'm A Ram
13.I Shall Return
14.Banks of the Deep End
15.Tastes Like Wine
16.Silent Scream
17.New World Blues
18.Mr. Man
19.Bad Man Walking
20.Wine And Blood
21.Slackjaw Jezebel
22.Helter Skelter [Live]
23.Life On the Outside
24.About to Rage
25.The Man I Want To Be (Live In Studio Version)
26.30 Days In The Hole
27.Worried Down With the Blues
28.My Separate Reality
29.World of Confusion
30.Down And Out In New York City
31.Maybe I'm A Leo
32.Perfect Shelter
33.No Celebration
34.Lay Your Burden Down [Live]
35.She Said She Said
36.Any Open Winidow
37.Sin's A Good Man's Brother - With Allen Woody
38.Left Coast Groovies
40.Simple Man [Live]
41.Larger Than Life [Live]
42.Towering Fool [Live]
43.We're Not Gonna Take It [Live]
44.I Can't Quit You Baby [Live]
45.30 Days In The Hole [Live]
46.21st Century Schiziod Man [Live]
47.I Shall Be Released [Live]
48.Sometimes Salvation [Live]
49.Bad Little Doggie [Live]
50.Out Of The Rain [Live]
51.End Of The Line [Live]
52.Dazed & Confused [Live]
53.Slow Happy Boys
54.What Is Hip?
55.Trying Not to Fall
56.Temporary Saint
57.Painted Silver Light
58.Monkey Hill
59.Game Face
60.Unring the Bell
61.Which Way Do We Run?
62.World Of Difference
63.Nothing Again
64.Child of The Earth
65.3 String George [(Bonus Track)] (提供)
66.Blind Man In The Dark [Live]
67.My Dog & Me [Live]
68.Streamline Woman
69.Mr. High & Mighty
70.Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground (Live In Studio Version)
71.So Weak, So Strong
72.Like Flies
73.Patchwork Quilt
74.Endless Parade
75.Rebel With A Cause
76.Unthrow That Spear
77.Hard To Handle
78.Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy Pt. 1
79.Mr High and Mighty
80.Captured (with Jim James)
81.Separate Reality
82.War Pigs
83.The Hunter
84.Soulshine (Reggae version)
85.Time to Confess (Live)
86.Jesus Just Left Chicago
87.Gambler's Roll
88.Reggae Soulshine

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