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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Giorgio Moroder
Giorgio Moroder【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 115 首歌 】
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Right Here, Right Now (Single) 英文
1.Right Here, Right Now (feat. Kylie Minogue)
Déjà Vu 英文
1.4 U with Love (提供)
2.Déjà Vu
4.Don't Let Go
5.Right Here, Right Now
7.74 Is the New 24
8.Tom's Diner
10.Back and Forth
11.I Do This for You
12.La Disco (提供)
Schlagermoroder Vol.2 [1966-1976] 英文
1.How Much Longer Must I Wait (提供)
2.Mr Strauss (提供)
3.Alle Analphabeten (提供)
4.Mah (提供)
5.Yummy Yummy Yummy (提供)
6.Make Me Your Baby (提供)
7.Mony Mony (提供)
8.Mighty Quinn (提供)
9.Jumping Jack Flash (提供)
10.Mercy (提供)
11.Muny Muny Muny (提供)
12.Moody Trudy (提供)
14.Looky Looky
15.Happy Birthday (German version) (提供)
16.Glaub An Mich (提供)
17.Stop (German version) (提供)
18.Action Man Part 1 (提供)
19.Action Man Part 2 (提供)
20.America America (提供)
21.Rhythm Of Love (提供)
22.Sweet Sixteen You Know What I Mean (提供)
23.Knockin On Your Door (提供)
24.Son Of My Father
25.Tears (提供)
26.Lord (Release Me) (提供)
27.Watch Your Step (提供)
29.Tu Sei Mio Padre (Italian version of Son Of My Father) (提供)
30.Non Ci Sto (Italian version of Underdog) (提供)
31.Marrakesh (提供)
32.Nostalgie (提供)
33.Hilf Dir selbst (提供)
34.Geh zu Ihm (提供)
35.Born To Die (提供)
36.Rock Me To My Soul (提供)
37.Dark And Deep And In Between (提供)
38.Einzelganger (提供)
39.Liebesarie (提供)
40.Good Old Germany (提供)
Son of My Father 英文
1.Son of My Father (Remastered)
2.Underdog (Remastered)
3.Everybody Join Hands (Bonus Track) (Remastered)
Schlagermoroder, Volume 1: 1966-1975 英文
1.Lonely Lovers Symphony (Based on 'For Elisa')
2.Stop (alternative version)
3.Everybody Join Hands
Schlagermoroder, Vol. 1 (1966 - 1975) [Remastered] 英文
1.Stop (Mono - Remastered)
2.Everybody Join Hands - Stereo - Remastered
3.Son of My Father (Part 1) - Stereo - Remastered
4.Lonely Lovers Symphony (Based On 'For Elisa' - Stereo - Remastered)
5.Underdog (Stereo - Remastered)
6.Looky Looky (Mono - Remastered)
7.Moody Trudy (Mono - Remastered)
8.Yummy-Yummy-Yummy (Mono - Remastered)
Innovisions 英文
1.A Love Affair
2.Shannon's Eyes
3.American Dream
4.Reach Out
5.Solitary Man
6.Lady Lady
7.Knights in White Satin (提供)
8.The Chase
From Here to Eternity 英文
1.From Here to Eternity (Aeroplane remix)
2.I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
3.First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love
4.Faster Than the Speed of Love
5.From Here To Eternity
6.Too Hot To Handle
From Here to Eternity (Remastered) 英文
1.From Here to Eternity (Remastered)
2.Faster Than the Speed of Love (Remastered)
3.I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Remastered)
From Here To Eternity (Digitally Remastered Version) 英文
1.From Here To Eternity - Digitally Remastered
2.Faster Than The Speed Of Love - Digitally Remastered
3.Too Hot To Handle - Digitally Remastered
E=MC2 (Remastered Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Baby Blue - Remastered
2.What a Night - Remastered
3.If You Weren't Afraid - Remastered
Best of Electronic Disco 英文
1.From Here to Eternity (Single Version) [Remastered]
2.First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love (Remastered)
3.Baby Blue (Single Version) [Remastered]
4.E=MC2 (Remastered)
5.Too Hot to Handle (Remastered)
6.I Wanna Rock You (Remastered)
7.Knights in White Satin (Single Version) [Remastered] (提供)
暫存 英文
1.To Be Number One
2.Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
3.That's the Way (I Like It)
4.Bad Moon Rising
5.Knights In White Satin - Digitally Remastered
6.I Wanna Rock You - Delacola Unplugged Version
7.Right Here, Right Now - Commentary
8.Theme From Midnight Express (Midnight Express/Instrumental Soundtrack Verison)
9.Istanbul Blues (vocal)
10.I Wanna Rock You
11.Together in Electric Dreams (feat. Philip Oakey)
12.Flashdance... What a Feeling (feat. Diana DeWitt)
13.Flashdance...What a Feeling
14.Baby Blue
15.Together in Electric Dreams
16.From Here to Eternity - Utopia
17.The Myth (提供)

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