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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Bob Geldof( 鮑勃·格爾多夫 )
Bob Geldof( 鮑勃·格爾多夫 )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 53 首歌 】
羅伯特·弗雷德里克·氙·格爾多夫,KBE (Robert Frederick Xenon Geldof,1951年10月5日-),生於都柏林的當來瑞,同時具有愛爾蘭和比利時血統。他一般被稱為鮑勃·格爾多夫(Bob Geldof),是一個愛爾蘭歌手,歌曲作家,演員和政治活動家。他最為人所知的是事情是組織了1985年的Live Aid慈善演唱會以及2005年的Live 8演唱會。此外,他也是1982年的音樂電影《牆》的主演。
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How To Compose Popular Songs That Sell 英文
1.How I Roll
3.Just Get On (提供)
4.She's A Lover
5.To Love In Love (提供)
6.Silly Pretty Thing
7.Systematic 6-Pack (58 1/2)
8.Dazzled By You
9.Mary Says
10.Here's To You
12.The Fields Of Spring (提供)
13.Too Late She Cried (提供)
14.Baby's Going Down (提供)
Great Songs Of Indifference: The Bob Geldof 英文
1.One For Me
Crazy 英文
1.The Beat of the Night (live)
2.Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee) (live)
The Vegetarians Of Love 英文
1.Great Song Of Indifference
2.Love or Something
3.A Gospel Song
4.Let It Go
5.Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things
6.Big Romantic Stuff
7.The Chains of Pain
8.A Rose at Night
9.No Small Wonder
10.Walking Back to Happiness
11.The End of the World
Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere 英文
1.This Is the World Calling
2.In the Pouring Rain
3.August Was A Heavy Month
4.When I Was Young
暫存 英文
1.Crucified Me
2.Do They Know Its Christmas
3.The Happy Club
4.Words from Heaven
5.Yeah Definitely
6.I Don't Like Monday
7.The Elephants Graveyard
8.Systematic 6-Pack
9.To Live In Love
10.Young & Sober
11.Love Like a Rocket
12.Like Clockwork
13.She's So Modern
14.Banana Republic
15.Love Like a Rocket (extended 12' remix)
16.In the Pouring Rain (Live)
18.Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
19.I Don't Like Mondays
20.My Hippy Angel (Edited version)

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